Well, I am extremely worried now!!!

I might have been poisoned. 

True story.

Not by some unknown assailant with malicious motives. 

It was the sister of this culprit pictured below.  (I truly believe he is also involved.)

Darn Killer Mango.

I honestly didn’t know that I was ingesting a “non-organic” substance.

It did not come across as a non decomposable substance.

It did not taste nor have the texture of “metal”. 

I didn’t believe it to be “raw minerals”.

It felt somewhat solid in my hand, in no way coming across asgaseous“.

Only it’s delicious juices flowed as a “liquid”, running down my arm and dripping from my elbow.

I called poison control.  They asked if I were under psychiatric supervision. (I’m not. My therapist had a meltdown.)

So, as a proper Western Worlder,  I turned to that there “internet”. 

Which led me to “Wikipedia” and their definition of ‘Organic‘ ……


An organic product is made from materials produced by organic agriculture.. …Organic food, food produced from organic farming methods and often certified organic according to organic farming standards. 

Organic clothing, clothing produced from organic fibers such as organic cotton.

Organic product – Wikipedia


Yet, I am still left to wonder, “What in the name of The Cosmic Muffin have I ingested? Am I soon to die (again)?

In all seriousness, we must ask ourselves if perhaps “The Big Bang” did in fact give we all a cosmic concussion or,worse, deafened us to logic.

A “conventional” farmer plants their crop next to an “organic” competitor.

Same earth, identical water table, sharing the same Sun and shelter-less from Mother Nature and her mate, Father Weather.

Oh my Lords, what am I implying?

That there may no difference between the end product of these two farms?


In our feeble attempt at constructing a Utopian society we have wandered into a false belief that we live within a species that is capable of “Peace, Love and Hippy Dope”. That we may walk with “Nature” and be “One” with our fellow man.

Look around people!

Ain’t going to happen anytime soon. Maybe, if the “Powers That Be” allow, just maybe, Humanity may evolve enough some day so as this could be a reality.

For now, we are mere babes in the woods. Still at the breastfeeding stage of our existence in this space/time continuum and this paralleled universe.

Our present “Politically Correct” society with it’s “Please do not hurt my feelings” attitudes and Alice In Wonderland belief that we should be open to Facebook conspiracies, Kik open sexual diversities, Instagram Boobies and YouTube Truths is as non-fictional as the screenplay for “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Is potash potash? Is Nitrogen Nitrogen? Is Urea Urea?

Is fertilizer that comes from the ass of farm animals not have the exact same necessary nutrients as mass produced bags of the exact same nutrients?

Are not all you “Organic Muffins” breathing the same air as I am? Is the weather different from mine under your hat? 

When I am done digesting my non-organic Killer Mango, will I not defecate it out the same as you will expel your Hippie Mango?

Do you suppose that maybe, just maybe, all this organic hubbub is just a very huge monetary opportunity whereas smaller “Organic” producers and distributors are raking in high profit margins?

All on your belief that their produce doesn’t contain all the same components as every other biodegradable living thing that exists already has?

Society is collapsing as we know it.

It is tumbling down throughout space/time like a bad rumor on FaceBook. Running out of control with mass controlling and charismatic hypnosis.

Leading us all to believe that there are more than two sexes, unicorns are real, 9/11 was a lie, the whole milk humans drank for many millennia is bad for us and last, but not least, children know what they want and have the right to choose.

And that’s how it is …… as I sit here in fear that my sweet, adorable, ripe mango may in fact be a “DARN KILLER MANGO“.

People, I leave you with this, …..  Just eat your mango – he will like it.

Remember, Life is like a meal, looks great, tastes delicious and ends up a pile of crap in the end.

So, just enjoy the meal.

Next I am trying the English cucumber. (How do we know what language it speaks?)

Until next time, I remain, Dann, just as I am.



Meds are working

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So, here we are existing through yet another Wednesday. 

Oddly, I have mused all during this day about “Killer Clowns”.

Not too sure as to why.

But, I’m dealing with it, them.

Maybe it’s a LSD flashback from that wierd trip I went through in 1969. (Last time I EVER do two Orange double barrels at 8am.)

Or maybe it is because I once hung with “Killer Clowns”.  

But, they are all either incarcerated or deceased now. 

I am truly “The Last Man Standing“, of the original nine.

I am turning 60 on October the fifth.  Never in my wildest of dreams did I consider I would someday celebrate six decades on your planet. 

My family and friends grow more amazed each year, as they never expected me to survive past my eighteenth birthday.  

Yet, here I am. 

Not to say I am positive I will be around to celebrate my sixtieth, though. You never know. Congestive heart failure could win.

Makes no never mind. Already had my seven cracks at the ole “death bat”. Seven times, seven plains, seven confessions and seven choices. 

Number eight the choice is theirs.  No seven paths to return here in this contorted space/time continuum. 

Only one path. No choice.  The final glory of meeting your own “personal Jesus”.

Killer Clowns are never spotted on Wednesday.  

I wonder why?

Some believe them to be evil. Sent by the Devil himself. 

Maybe they all madethe wrong choices when they passed their seven times.

Maybe their eighth time their path was to spend eternity as a Wednesdayless Killer Clown.

What more bitter a Hell could there be.

Personally, I believe they come from somewhere within the New England States. (Probably close to Stephen King’s home, just putting that out there).

Why do we have any type of clowns? 

Ask any adult if they like clowns and nine out of ten will exclaim,  “Hell,NO!”.

No one will admit it is because of those grotesque “upsidedown” creepy bastards that were always in the Christmas Parades of all events. 

Fracking evil creatures gave me nightmares for life. 

Stupidly,  I think my  first wife was an under covered closet Killer Clown. She scared the humour out of me.

But, that is a story for another day.

So, I will be having a mind fart all day and evening as I query, “Do Killer Clowns know it’s Wednesday?”

I will have to smoke some “Devil’s Weed” and attempt to resolve this quandary.

(Which raises another question.  Why do we call harmless marijuana “The Devil’s Weed” and the very dangerous PCP, “Angel Dust”. Not only is it false advertising,  it is also just not true.)

So sayeth The LightHouse Dann Verner, on this day of September the 13th year 2017 of your inaccurate calendar. 

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