Not to brag, but I’m proud of myself

I’m proud of myself for risking publishing my inner self and putting my  meager life out there.

For all to read.

For some to understand. 

For one soul to take knowledge from my life choices.

My actual first paperback copy of any of my books. Volumes 1 & 2 are in transit 

Nice feeling.

I did it and so can YOU!!!!

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Blessed Sunday to all of you.

Just popping in to give Blessings and Love and, of course, LIGHT to you and to yours.

I’m in a rough, scruff and lazy day mood. 

So, I’m writing a fictional novel entitled, “The Last Canadian Cosmonaut”.

My first three books were based in the insanity I have called my life. They are rough, but, I lay no claim to being an author. 

I am an ‘opinionist‘ – I have opinions and I have messages. Hopefully, my messages have knowledge and perhaps one soul will benefit from my tragedies.

But, the coming work will be my first attempt at actually being an author. 

If perhaps any if you have read my work PLEASE feel free to offer your opinions. Good or bad. Be ‘brutal’ if need be.

For criticism is knowledge and being a full grown adult, I invite truth.

So, I leave you now to dance on the key pad.

I will write now. Sunday sports are not for me. It’s intelligence and knowledge I seek.

The Last Canadian Cosmonaut about a kid living in 32 foster homes and how the ocean keeps him sane.

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