The Funeral Clock

Most family and friends know about the haunted grandmother clock I have.

I obtained it many years ago at a family funeral – right at the actual burial.

My wife and I had attended her Uncle’s viewing and I was admiring a grandfather’s clock in the foyer of the funeral home. I said to my wife how I would love to own such a beautiful timepiece.

One of her Aunt’s overheard our conversation and said she had a grandmother clock that had been annoying her for the past 25 years and I was welcome to it.

The next day, as they were lowering her Uncle into the ground, her Aunt taps me om the shoulder and passes me the clock.

(Yes, I know. I live a strange life and know many strange humans. My Queen,’George’ tells me often and she never lies.)

That had to be 28 or more years ago now.

Anyway, my reason for posting is this clock is paranormal.

It will stop for no mechanical reason and there’s no way to get it to restart.

When it does stop – someone dear to me dies.

It did it when I died those post surgery years.

When my Brother-in-Arms Roy, my friends Jon Jon, Dougie, my father, mother Marion and many more passed.

When I become aware of who or what tragedy has happened it will restart with a mere swipe of the pendulum.

The longest it has done this is when Momsie passed. It stopped December 21, 2014 and – catch this – restarted on my birthday October 5, 2015 at 7p.m.

The clock stopped Christmas Eve 2015 at 7:45pm – the clock restarted – January 22nd, 2016 at 4:47pm. Almost a complete month!

A period whereas I was extremely ill with kidney failures.

That time, it started without anyone swinging the pendulum – which is impossible. Very impossible.

Yet, it did.

And I am not sure if anyone dearest to me has passed during that period.

I think it was warning me that “I am was far sicker than I was admitting “.


I love this timepiece.


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