No Way Back

Always face forward. What's behind has past. Never Walk backwards. Many of us have the false belief that past behaviour and/or actions can be "fixed." Nope, non, nyet, don't think so, ain't happening, it will end bad. Seen it too many a time. Never ends well. Can't fix that. You can live in the "now".... Continue Reading →


Stress Is A Cancerous Cyst

Stress is a cancerous cyst that grows inside us till it ruptures into anger and hatred. I am suffering a severe case these past few weeks. And it is winning. I guess you could say I have started my man-period and shouldn't be near humans. I'm allergic. I have been through so much these past... Continue Reading →

True Story

Escribo mis libros para 'mí'. Cuento mis historias por 'ellos'. Sé agradable vender muchos, pero si no, al menos he contado mi historia. Namaste ' I write my books for 'me'. I tell my stories for 'them'. Be nice to sell many, but if not, at least I have told my story. Namaste '

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