The Media is Adding to the Pandemic Problem

I had both shots of the Astrazeneca. No problems and I have a ton of health problems – Squamous Cell Carcinoma, COPD, GERD and now Luekemia.

If you look at the statistics  – 4 out of 700,000 had side effects. My heart pill has side effects way more serious 100 out of every 10,000 which equals 700 out of 700,000. Birth control pills are far worse than even that.

There will always be side effects in any vaccine or medicine because no two humans are the same.

In reality and statically wise Astrazeneca is not that dangerous. Flu vaccines are worse for side effects. But, we all get them.

Because the media constantly reminds us of the Covid 19 victims of side effects, it appears to be very bad. They (The media) are creating false fears and thusly adding to the problems of eradicating the Covid 19 pandemic.

Do not allow the media outlets cause you to make the wrong choice!



What are we doing to our very existence, ourselves, society, to all the other species that exist around us? Tell me. Tell me do.

Look around. ALL AROUND! What have we done? Has the world benefited from man’s progress? Heck, has mankind benefited from man’s progress? Nope.

We are just as primitive as we were many centuries ago. The only difference being we have learned to disguise our faults behind stylish clothing and over priced homes. We do so with total disregard for all other living things. Plant life, marine life, animal lives and Mother Earth’s actual existence.

There is the various movements to try and rectify the damage we cause. Perhaps they will cause change. Perhaps not. Perhaps we are too late to repair the damage we have already done.

We are still barbaric. We lie to ourselves saying we are not. We pledge that we are going to “save the world.” The world and near extinct species should not need saving. But, being the world’s “bullies”, we have the higher and mightier attitudes that we are doing good.

In fact, we are lesser than the cockroaches. They serve a greater purpose upon this once beautiful planet. They try their best to clean up after us. Nature tries to fight back and hopefully slow down the rate of our destructive ways. We thank Nature by messing with what the Creator or Creators have gifted us. We do so at the expense of all around us.

No matter what conspiracy theory you may believe, Covid 19 is an attempt, by whatever power created human beings, to wake us up to the reality we have created. Humans are the only living thing existing on Earth that willingly destroys it’s own habitat. Sadly, we also destroy the habitats of all other creatures and plant life.

And now Physics is advancing faster than our comprehension of it. I fear that our next victim will be the Universe itself. Lord forbid we develop a warp drive. For that may very well be the Doomsday device we speak of in our science fiction novels.

I don’t know the solution to what we have and continue to do. No one does. Not yet anyways. Humanity is still a toddler in the realm of existence. Spoiled brats believing they are the so-called “Supreme Beings.”

The common house fly has more sense and knowledge than we do. It too spends it’s entire lifetime trying to clean up our shit. Literally.

The various, but now scarce, Aboriginal peoples tried and still try to educate us as to how to coexist with all other living and environmental things. We reward them by forcing them to abandon their lifestyles and we forced them from the lands they so carefully coexisted with. They had hardships with Nature, but they listened to what Nature was teaching. They gave and still, to this day, live in unison with Mother Earth.

So-called “Modern Man” thinks of them as lower class beings. Our genetic racist attitudes convincing us that we are better than them.

When was the last time you saw US thank Mother Earth for allowing us to eat, breathe and house ourselves?

Covid 19 will cull many of the “herd.” Not enough though. So, Mother Nature will fight for her existence by finding other avenues to deter our destructive ways. She has in the past. Volcanoes, the Black Plague, measles, smallpox and wars. To name a few.

Agree or disagree. I firmly believe that it will take Mother Nature’s fury to bring us to the TRUE REALITY. To teach us that for every action there lays an equal and opposite reaction.

And we “Universal Toddlers” will not be able to handle the disciplines She dispenses. For we are not the “Supreme Beings” we so arrogantly believe ourselves to be.

New Year, Yet Another Lease On Life, New Genre of Writing, New Series with my Newest Book


“Change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.”

“The journey of changing one’s mind, self, heart or way of life”.

“Spiritual Conversation.”

The depression coined the derogatory phrase, “Wrong side of the tracks”.

Referring to the shanty towns built by migrant workers, homeless and vagabonds. Derogatory in every sense.

A statement saying that the down and out, the worker who will travel thousands of miles to pick your pickles and the nomads of society are of lessor being then you are.

It was a sign of the times. The late fifties and early sixties showed us two sides of life.

The peace and Love of the Hippies and Environmentalists was the sensible choice. Unfortunately, it was greatly ignored.

It was a time of man that was filled with prejudice, misinformed people and the confusion of a fast changing world.

The second is one of shame. Fueled by hatred and racism.

Brought shamefully to the surface of all media by the assassination of Martin Luther King and JFK.

I grew up on the wrong side of those tracks.


I am honoured to have been raised there. For I am a realist in every sense of the definition.

Mind you the other side of those tracks were only twelve feet away and looked the same as my street.

This is the introduction of my latest book, “Metanoia”. Pretty well self-explanatory. I’ve ventured into a new genre of writing. More family oriented. This book is the first of my series, “That’s My Good Eye, Jimi”.

I don’t sell a large number of books. I didn’t write them with dreams of being the next Stephen King. I wrote the fictional stories to make a little income. My autobiography I wrote to get my story of life out there and hopefully change at least one solitary life.

My son’s, Jordan, biography I wrote to show what led up to his tragic suicide on Christmas Morning 2019. How the broken system “Aged” him out into the world knowing it would end badly.

My “Old Man With The ‘C’ – A Cancerous Walk With Dann’ details my first year of battling Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

My others stand alone books speak for themselves.

All my books are available worldwide via Amazon/Kindle

My author page is at:

I’m easily found by simply Googling “Lighthouse Dann” or “LightHouse Verner”

Buy a book or 12. Support a starving author.

All is well living with Hell

Covid has done humanity a favour. It taught us that we are only human after all. Not the superior species we arrogantly believe ourselves to be.

The only reason we believe such is because no other species on the planet have any desire to speak with us. We are the ultimate predator or the ultimate prey depending upon the situation at hand.

An ant can communicate with other ants and insects. A bird can speak to any of us other animals. A mere chirp or caw caw conveys an instant message to all the other creatures near a watering hole.

The Ravens circle high in the sky to announce the possibility of a fine scavenger’s feast laying directly below.

Us. Google our supper.

I love my life. I love being alive. I love that I have had two extra year’s so far. Cancer hasn’t won yet.

I love. Simple as that. I love. Why? Because One Love is far more than a call in a tennis match.

One Love is what Earthlings need to learn while Mother Nature holds our attention.

John Lennon answers that perfectly.


Humbled I Am, Humbled I Be

You never realize how Blessed you are until you learn to look at the world through unbiased eyes. Step back from your usual self and you shall see the true trials and tribulations of your fellow man.

You will become humbled and have a realistic understanding of what life truly entails. I have experienced this.

These past two years have changed my very core. The cancer battles. The spleen exploding and my bleeding out. The septic blood poisoning. The gall bladder. Jordan’s suicide.

I appreciate everything in my life like I never had before. I see how precious all aspects of my life are. From conversation with my nieces to discussions with adults. All are as precious as can be. From the smile on a stranger to the love in your mate’s eyes. Both hold equal value.

The key to living a life with meaning is to be caring, appreciative, honest, loving, forgiving, real and, most importantly, humble.

If you achieve this level of consciousness then your life will be a wonderful journey.