How I Had to Write My First 5 Books

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When a few years back I decided to start writing, I did not have a laptop or home computer. This presented a problem with the logistics of the task. Mainly, how the heck can I do it?

I have always wrote my WordPress blog via my cell phone. Reason being that I usually author them while being in transit. Also, WordPress has such a great platform. Very user friendly.

I would write a chapter or two and save it as a “draft” blog. Then, I would download the draft onto my ChromeBook and into my “OpenOffice” program. Another free ‘open source’ program.

In OpenOffice, I would then use a custom template for the size book I wish to publish. As I publish on Amazon and Kindle the preferred size is 5 x 7 inch.

The struggle was and is real. It sounds like a complicated way to publish a book, but in reality it was not. It was frustrating, but well worth my time.

From there I would upload it as a Word version document to the Kindle Amazon KDP site. There I used their user friendly program to compile the book, design the covers, have a final spell check. Then I would pick the quality of the paper stock and set the price of the work. This calculated after the cost of printing was received.

For the eBook format KDP has a simple to use program that can convert the paperback format into an ebook in mere minutes.

And I wrote my first 5 books this way.

Old Man With The C A Cancerous Walk With Dann Paperback Version
EBook Cover


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