Slice or Cement – Big Bone Theory

Blessed to have awoken to such a beautiful day. Just hung up from the doctor’s at the Osteoporosis Clinic in Toronto General Hospital.

Good news, bad news. Such is the life of the everyday people.

They are going to consult with Dr. Smith at Toronto Western Hospital and arrange for my back surgery. I have compression fractures from my L3 to my S1 vertebrae.

They are hoping that Dr. Smith can work a miracle and repair my back via administering a series of Vertaplastys.

He is one of the best back surgeons in North America.  He did an excellent job repairing my shattered T12 vertebra back in January.

If he cannot fix me via the Vertaplasty,  then  I will need a spinal fusion from L3 to the S1.

No worries, I was born in 1957 and I am similar to the rugged 57 Chevy. I can take a beating and keep on ticking.

With a positive attitude and Faith and the loving support I receive from all my loved ones, friends and readers, I will rise from the storms of life and bathe in the Light of Positivity.

I am praying for yet one more miracle and that a series of Vertaplasty’s will prevent the proposed radical invasive spinal surgery.

Vertaplasty recovery = one day.
Invasive surgery =  months. Possibly years due to my advanced Osteoporosis and post radiation related problems.

This old Urban Viking is not ready to sail the River Styx yet!!!


Covid 19 Exists. Conspiracy or Not

Not often I write about politics. I believe it to be a waste of time as everyone has their opinion and to argue with them is futile.

But …… I am so sick of Facebook and other Social Media educated sheep who miraculously know everything attempting to convince me that there is no pandemic.

I am sure that they are thousands of medical students who would have gladly saved thousands of dollars going to university and Medical School if they had known they could become “EXPERTS” by merely opening a social media account.

We are insulting every single Covid 19 victim and adding even more despondency to their surviving family members and loved ones.

Ford dropped the ball at stage one.

This all could have been avoided if the government had acted right away with stronger solutions. 

Ford always waits too long to act. Not just with the pandemic, but all his political activities.

The passport thing is a fiasco.

We have had the passports for years.

The yellow ones that you have to show in order to attend public schools. One time I couldn’t find Jordan’s and he wasn’t allowed to start the school year until I got a replacement.

All you have to do is get your doctor to update the “passport” you have had since birth. Medically it is labeled “Immunization Records.”

Surprisingly we all survived the numerous vaccinations we received over our lifetime.

Sadly, their are a few who may have had complications from a previous vaccination. There is nothing in the world that is 100 percent. ook at the majority of us who have gotten to live long healthy lives due to our childhood vaccinations.

The majority of the antivaxxers have had all the same vaccinations that everyone else received as a child. Surprisingly,  they are still alive and able to say that they would never receive a vaccination.  Hypocritical to the max.

This is all political game playing. Dividing the masses to cause chaos and confusion.  While we are all arguing over minutia, the politicians are doing what they wish. Sneaking other things past us, i.e.: tax hikes, development contracts, etc., while we are concentrating on the Covid fiasco.

Diversion politics.

Commonly used by the military during wars to divide so as they can conquer.

I am forced to wear a mask and “cork” my trachea airway tube everywhere I go. Many days causing me to suffer from lack of oxygen and fall ill.  Literally, ‘fall’ from blacking out fighting to breathe. I got vaxxed asap due to the condition of my lungs – a common cold could easily kill me.

I take great offence towards these idiots saying they are  “medically exempt” – no such thing or believe me I would not wear a mask.

This will go on for two or more years because BOTH sides are too involved with blame laying and playing into the politicians game.

Makes no difference if Covid is a conspiracy or not. It’s way too late for that blame game.

End if day – Covid 19 now exists and it is killing people.

Anyone that thinks otherwise should go spend some time in an ICU. Watch the horrible way the Covid victims die.

I am scarred for life from what I saw and listened to when my lungs collapsed and I was in the ICU.  12 people died in about 10 hours my first night in.

Instead of arguing and having conspiracy theories,  we should be working together to stop the virus in it’s tracks.

As I said, makes no difference at all how the virus came to be – it’s here and it’s killing people.

Now that most adults are vaxxed it is attacking our children.

We live in a society of whiners and  many groups who are going out of their way to cause chaos.

Ulterior motives that intelligent groups have used to target the less informed and, perhaps,  less educated,  so as they can achieve whatever their goals are.

Covid 19 exists and it is killing people.

To think otherwise is absurd and idiotic.

Not to mention it is a horrendous slap in the face of every front line worker supporting staff.

How it came to be makes no difference.  If a building catches fire by arson or by accident,  makes no difference. You still have to put the fire out.

Tell the families of Covid 19 victims that it is not real. You are insulting these families in the most despicable way.

To believe there is no pandemic only fortifies my belief that our society is overrun with brainwashed sheeple.

Take the time you are wasting arguing and, perhaps, use it to assist in eradicating Covid 19.

Bear in mind that there have been other forms of covid viruses and there will be many more in years to come.

Bring on the hate – I love it good argument.


There is one TV  commercial that gets under my skin. ColonialPenn’s where the “76” year old guy that runs marathons died, “just like that“.

It aggravates me to no end.

People, we ALL die “just like that of that“.

I have been legally dead 11 times since 1999. Resuscitated each time.

Each time spending long periods on life support. Each time my loved ones scarred for life. My wife still has PTSD.

You might be sick for a long time or you might be in an accident, but , believe me, you actually die in a millisecond and it hurts more than any words can say.

It’s an experience I wish upon no soul.

Insurance company or not – they should NOT be minimizing the finality of life. Certainly not to gain clients.

Society is not only losing its young by the loss of family structure and values, it is losing the compassion that makes us all human.

Everything is disposable  –  including life, marriage, morals, friendships and, in some cases, our youth.

Troubled child? Throw them into the “System” and let someone else deal with him.

Ninety percent of the time that youth “dies just like that.” Suicide, maybe an overdose or murdered on the street.  “Just like that.”

There are many other ways for such companies gain revenue than “making light of death.

My Lords people,  when are we as a society going to put the “human” back into “humanity?”

One Love is more than a Bob Marley song. It is a plea for hope – hope for humanity living in a world where all is precious and all people are worthy of equality and compassion.

A simple smile to a stranger is a start. Recognizing the down and out without expecting a pat on the back – perhaps buying a homeless soul a mere coffee on a cold morning or slipping a ten spot into the pocket of that poor youth sleeping over a grate. Not bragging about it on social media. Not looking for any kudos. Like the sport wear ads says, “Just do it.

This is what makes a better world.

Yet, I fear it will be many decades,  perhaps centuries,  before the average Joe overstands “Love, one love, one race – the true human race“.

No colours, no creeds, no judgements.

I often fill with tears of sorrow when I watch my world turn so cold and uncaring. I am full of those tears now.

That is the impact of advertising and it’s brainwashing of this old Urban Viking.

That is the impact on the majority of society. We live in modern times with barbarian attitudes.

I leave you with this simple message:


Sun is Rising

If I have learned anything in my 64 years of life it is that most people are addicted to ‘greed‘. Living life under a veil of fake realities. Their judgement clouded by balance of their bank accounts.

The few who are living paycheck to paycheck are the ones who are the realist. They are the first to admit how difficult it is to survive day by day with the constant worries of where the next forkful of food is coming from. How they live in constant fear of being homeless if per chance that “next” cheque does not arrive.

The saying, “Only the good die young” is truth. This is why to live a good life you have to be grateful for what little you have and – most of all – you have to be humble. You have to be grateful for your life. No matter how good or bad. You have to have compassion towards all people and animals. In short, you have to care.

Society has become a conglomerate of selfish people who think that life is all about wealth and wealth is life. What a sad portrait of “modern man”.

The majority of our last two or three generations of youth have been raised in single parent homes with no knowledge of personal or family values.

Youth that have been taught that marriage is disposable. Divorce is as common as a Big Mac from McDonald’s. The vows of marriage are no longer taken to heart. People, such as myself, who have been with the same partner for years, (in my case 40 years), are extremely rare.

To be totally honest, vows in general have little meaning. Many will say, “Trust me. You have my word on that.” But this is spoken robotically. A learned phrase to gain one more step towards whatever goal they are seeking.

Unfortunately the realist and truly good friends in our lives hide their pain well and often suffer behind closed doors. They do so hoping we will not worry and become depressed by their lives. They do so because they do have morals and respect. The words of these people can certainly be taken to heart. A vow from them is true and held sacred.

The ungrateful and unworthy outlive the good souls because they have no qualms whatsoever who or how they hurt their fellow man. As long as they get what they want. They will lie and cheat without conscience to achieve an end to their means.

From my 64 years of life, much of which I was a gangbanger, I have discovered that life is a constant battle between those who wish to spread Light and Positivity and those who want to steal your laughter and your possessions by any means. I admit with shame that I have been both type of people. There were times in my life whereas I would do whatever it took to get what I wanted.

I know not what the solution is.

All I do know is to make a difference by leading by example. For every true friend you will have in your life there will be a hundred of “so-called friends“.

As difficult as it is, do your best not get sucked into the whirlpool of Darkness and deceitful souls.
Never be afraid to show your emotions.
Never be ashamed to reach out when need be.
Always take time to reflect upon your day.

And for the sake of all mankind, teach your children well.

The message I constantly tell myself is that no matter how dark and miserable the storms of life are, it is always sunny and bright above the clouds.

This is why we look upwards to speak to Jah or whoever you perceive as your Creator.

Metaphorically speaking, Heaven is above us. Above the storms of everyday communal life. Above this storm called “life“.

So, my dear friends, rise above the storm clouds and bathe in the Light.

Teach by example. Live life with honesty and values. Always bearing in mind that the children are watching and learning from the adults. So, be an adult. Step up to the plate and give the youth a chance to learn by example.

No matter what race or religion you are, at the end of the day you are the same as I. One race, one world. We are humans. We are full of fallacies. We all bleed the same colour. We all live life with the same Hope’s and desires.

We are human.