I COMMITTED SUICIDE ONCE (originally published July 2008)

With all this talk about suicides I totally forgot that I had committed suicide in August 2006 – not attempted , but literally killed myself – thank the Creators for allowing the Paramedics to bring me back to this reality…anyways here is the original blog

I was born in the year of the ‘rooster’ on a ‘blue moon’ and just happened to be a ‘blue baby’. What a mind fart that is.

Perhaps this is where my eccentricities arise from..also my ‘Third Eye Sightedness’. Unlike the ever famous ‘box of chocolates’ my life has been a ‘bar of toffee’ – hard to chew, but delicious till the end.

My latest venture into Transcendental Meditation has acknowledged within my “Light” that I should focus more on “Wisdom’s of Life” and such.

I have had so numerous life lessons in my half a century upon this universal plain of space and time. I have learned that, for instance:…

The first thing to remember in this space and time is:

“Peace is more then a mere verbal utterance, more then a concept devised by four British Lads, one Ravi Shankar, and Bob Dylan having a beer at their local pub.”

“All purposes have a meaning and all meanings have a purpose”

“If you kick your dog the cat will bite you”

“If the mirror is the camera of our souls, our Id’s, our Karma or our “real” self, then, when gazed upon, one’s mind set should be that which is willing to accept that which will be revealed.”

“To wallow in pain, self-pity, despair and most of all ‘darkness’ would and is a dreadful mistake of reasoning and must be avoided in order to achieve inner peace and overstanding of that which is the complications of living.”

“The choices we make in the past affect and effect the present and definitely shape and mold where our future can and may take place.”

“God, The AtomicMother, Cosmic Muffin or whoever you perceive as our Creator is our landlord and Earth is just our rental unit. It is our duty to keep the property in the same condition as it was when we signed the lease. Please respect the other tenants and clean up after yourself, keep the noise down and pets are welcome.”

From over ten thousand conversations with total strangers and listening to not only their words, but their hearts, their own unique Karma’s and enjoying the energy given off by their singularly isolated Aura’s – sharing their “LIGHT” I have acquired the “Wisdom’s of Age” – and by having been blessed with such by the AtomicMother, herself, I must use this knowledge to spread my LIGHT and pass on the energies contained within the beacon of my Universal LightHouse.

And I shall continue to drive this train and reach my final destination……

“So shall we all!”

We live our life lessons in many ways. The strongest being the mental inner-self struggles. The secondary would be the family value struggle lived through the pubescence years and the third being the actually physically lived daily battles with humanistic society.

My daily battles, (and believe me I have lived through far more then your average hippy), have treasured me with gifts that no real words can describe.

Having died seven times and been allowed to return, LITERALLY, from the “Dead”, opened a whole overstanding of life, religion, mankind and the so-called ‘animals’ we share this planet with. There is a “CREATOR” of sorts, there are other “PLAINS”of space/time continuum’s.

“How else could we have a past and live in the present and also mold our future?”

This could never be realized into everyday life for, then, the mere purpose of life existing would be meaningless. Like buying yourself a birthday gift and wrapping it, then when you open it there lay no surprise.

During my ‘deaths’ I had “choices”, just as we all have in life, I had seven paths to choose from, this happened seven times. There was a voice, no rather a “PRESENCE” that just communicated without verbal utterances – like transferring knowledge to your computer from a thumbdrive.

There was no ‘Guiding Angel’ as portrayed in cult based religious artifacts. There was past true friends and my departed Mother who was murdered in 1981. They were not “there” in the physical sense we have here in our space/time, they were just “there” in that space/time continuum, I knew it but I cannot, once again, explain it in language.

Energy, Light, Existence equals life/death in my book.

The just ‘being’ there, on a knoll, surrounded by the seven paths of existence allowed me to overstand that there was a so-called “HADES”. The presence of also knowing that certain paths would lead to our imagined ideals of a “HEAVEN” alleviated the fear of burning in an inferno of disparity and suffering. I chose from my life energy, it is very difficult to put into mere words. We are only ‘energies’ formed into an adaptable form to share our existence with all the other life forms in our space/time continuum’s.

This happened in all seven deaths, even number three which was a suicide. Not that I am proud of this fact, but I am the only person I know that can say, “I committed suicide once”

So, in closing this “Walk With Dann” I leave you with this thought:

“If my “Light” still burns bright from within my “LightHouse” after my puny little struggles, then so should your own burn as brightly”


To repeat a past message to my Northern LightHouse:

A special message for my most blessed “Northern LightHouse”, your enchantment is still swirling within my aura……I miss your physical presence but I walk by your side. Fear not for all is well with the exception of my humanside missing your physical and most beautiful presence. After all, is not “V” for “Victory”???

Shine on and PEACE to you, yours and and all who should come “Walk With Dann”. I’ll have my shoes off – waiting.

Until then, I am Dann, just as I am.

2 thoughts on “I COMMITTED SUICIDE ONCE (originally published July 2008)”

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