Mother Mary Comes To Me

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”

Five out of the seven times I have been legally dead I encountered my mother, Mary. What is so coincidentally strange about this is that all my life – since the very first time I heard Let It Be, I always shed a tear as soon as the first chord was played.

I was twelve when I first met my mother. Then ten years later I met her for the second time, only to lose her the next year via murder at the hands of her alcoholic knife wielding boyfriend. As devastating as this was, my life was changed that day ……. the horrific reality of watching Mom lay in intensive care carved up like a suckling pig drove all the violence from my soul. The Creators work in mysterious ways. 

It was then that I decided to change my lifestyle. 

A laying down of arms, so-to-speak. 

Looking back I now know that this was the birth of The LightHouse – Walking With Dann. 

Although, I was unaware of what was growing inside my twisted drug damaged mind. 

This was 1981 and the seed grew slowly until 1999 when The Creators decided that I needed a swift kick in the groin and a reality check.

I was one hundred and eighty pounds and five foot nine on February 28th that year. March first, my oldest brothers birthday, I awoke to find that my arms and legs were non-functional. March fifth I had two double cervical dissections – losing c2, c3 and c5 & c6 vertebra. I left the hospital three days later.

The doctors were amazed that after 18 hours in surgery and only an hour in my room, I was up and walking. 

They were dumbfounded to say the lease.  They used words like “miracle” – saying it was impossible for me to do so. 

Especially after my being DEAD upon the operating table – a 48 minute battle to bring me back. 

This was my first recorded death.

Two months later I weighed one hundred forty pounds and was a mere five foot seven, but I was walking.

I remembered everything that happened in the O.R., everything. 

Including my out of body experience. 

The standing in a white light gazing at seven paths laid before me. 

The only other soul there was my mother – her Irish smile grew wide as she beckoned me to her path. 

But, within my mind I was told to do the opposite and I so, I did. 

I chose to go the path completely adjacent to where my Mom stood. And here I am – Dann – just as I am. Thirteen years later.

I suffered (still do). 

In the following years I would drop dead six more times from complications with nerve damage and my electrical system sending wrong signals to wrong places.

I remember every time completely. 

Mother was there four more times. Four more times for me to disobey her wishes. That Irish in me. 

Was I disobeying or was it a test? 

I shall not ever know until such a time as I ascend to the higher plain and sit, share an Irish coffee and out right ask her.

My life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs since that fatal day in March 1999. 

Yet, everyday I give thanks to the Creators for the opportunity to live this life I have. 

I have three sons alive and one deceased. 

I have my legs and arms to match. I have my LIFE. 

What only one other soul really knows about all this is that I was told to return. To return and follow the path I am walking. 

I strayed a few times. 

Fell into the hypnotic trance of the Devil named cocaine and her sister alcohol. 

Destroyed a thirty two year marriage. (A marriage whereas I can honestly say I never once strayed from).

Some may say that my life has been tragic. I cannot say this. 

My life has been so BLESSED. For I have what no other I have ever encountered has —- I have the KNOWLEDGE. 

The knowledge Mother Mary gave to me in my time of trouble.

I shall follow this writing with a much more detailed description of my after death experiences, but, for now I just wanted to acknowledge that in my time of trouble……

“Mother Mary came to me…..”

Blessings my friend, blessings…..


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