Mayor Rob Ford


OK Kiddies, I am about to either peeve off a lot of people or have them agree with me on this matter.

Let’s begin with Mayor Ford…….. does anyone else besides me find it odd that he is being attacked by the so-called “rich”. He has been constantly scrutinized and picked apart by every opponent he faced in the election – may I add, the election that, we, the people of this great city, voted him Mayor of? How many thousands of dollars were spent on this bull fodder? Money that I can assure you Mayor Ford would gladly have allocated for much better things, such as feeding the hungry, dealing with the gang violence or investigating how ONE restaurant can get such a long lease of public property to build a restaurant that is not “beach friendly”.

Second point ……. How many thousands of dollars will now be spent obtaining a new mayor? I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Mr. Madger or one of his associates run in the next election. Long before Mayor Ford was elected I lived in the Beach and it was a daily topic of how the lease was ridiculous and that the type of premises were designed for the more well to do rather then the average beach goer. I went in there twice and left before obtaining my food because of the rudeness of all the staff. You cannot get a take out coffee or such there, unless it has changed since last I visited. It belongs down in the entertainment district with the other establishments that cater to the rich and tourists. What should have gotten the lease was a more beach patron friendly type of food outlet.

Has any one of you ever went into the Cafe’ wearing your beach wear with your long scruffy hair and tattoo’s? I did, with plenty of money in my pocket and as I said previously, and I quote my own words, “I went in there twice and left before obtaining my food because of the rudeness of all the staff.” I can honestly say that I felt very uncomfortable – almost as if the staff was saying, “You are not pretty enough to be here”. Frankly, I was disgusted.

Excuse if I am rambling cause I take my city and it’s leaders very much to heart.

So, deep breath Dann, to quote Councillor Doug Ford, “A lot of people dislike Mayor Ford because he promised to stop the gravy train.”  And he will/would if he could get through one council session without being picked apart by his council.

Now let us look at this outrages crime he has been found guilty of. Three thousand measly dollars!!! Come on people, what have we become????

In my own personal opinion I believe that every politician makes mistakes – I actually Googled to see if they are HUMAN and the answer was ‘yes’ – with the exception of the Illuminati conspiracy clans. My Lord imagine that, a human having poor judgement! My Lords!!!

Why don’t we just take the whole operating budget for this great city and rip apart every member of the Council’s lives? Imagine the wheel barrows full of crap we would have. How many Mayors and Council Members in the past have done way worse? I seem to recall a computer fiasco and many other far worse incidents that never led to such a ruling.

To oust a Mayor over such a small amount of money that ACTUALLY WENT TO HELP YOUTH PLAY FOOTBALL is a travesty of human sensibility.

I hope that he wins his appeal because he is a Mayor who is not guided by the rich or those with hidden agenda’s. He has been called a “redneck” – well, in my book a redneck is a working class hero and Mayor Ford, I personally feel understands what working class citizens, like myself, want and I will gladly vote for him or his brother at any election.

In closing I state, that it is about time that our City Council be a true representation of the average citizen and not puppets for those that live in over-priced glass towers and walled in communities ………… JUST SAYING FOLKS!



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