Sad state of affairs for society when you have a man in China stabbing twenty plus children and an idiot in the U.S. shooting kids.

THERE IS NO REASON IN OUR MODERN SOCIETY FOR ANYONE TO OWN A GUN!!! (with the exception of very remote areas where hunting is necessary to survive)

There should be a mandatory life sentence just for carrying one.

Now, everyone can get mad at me all they want, but I speak from past mistakes. Thirty years ago I carried and used one and I did my time, but in all reality I should have done a lot more time then what I was given. If you carry one eventually you will use it and it is always an innocent person who gets hurt.

It is amazing how the killers family always say, “He was such a loving family guy.” Sure, towards his own family, but not an ounce of passion for the victims of his actions.

It is time we brought faith back into the schools and educate our youth on compassion for fellow man, consequences for their actions and most of all RESPECT for all.

Sooner or later the Creators are going to teach humanity a big lesson. Look at our history – when we get too out of contact with our man made reality something happens that cleanses most of the population off this beautiful gift of a planet the Creator’s allow us to live upon.

So-called “modern” society has desensitized our youth towards death and violence with our video games and movies. THERE IS NO “RE-SPAWNING” IN REAL LIFE. THERE IS NO RELOADING SAVED GAMES!!!!


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