Reminiscence  – yes, do it! For within our past lays what is within our future.

We learn from our days gone by – be it good or not so good – life lessons for the wandering soul, the stay at home persona and the youth on the grow. You humans are flawed and this is a trait best served on the platter of knowledge with a side order of “Now I knows”.

Who has not gained experience from hindsight? Who has not risen after falling into the murky waters of “Oops!”

In my half century plus upon this Atomic Mother Earth, I have fallen, crashed & burned, swallowed the acrid waters of defeat, wallowed in the churning pools of success and danced within the jaws of Satan himself . Many an occasion have I believed my end had finally arrived, (as it did seven times), only to discover that although I danced in His jaws, I walked with The Original Hippie, or as you humans have named him, the Son of God.

I am not a ‘holy’ man by any means. I have a belief in The Creators and the Gods of Earth. I be not a religious zealot – I be not a preacher of a book written by many a man of different opinions. I believe the Bible holds many truths. It was written to convey a simple message – a simple plan of what, where, when and how we are/should learn the politics of dancing within a savage society and world. It is a guide book for the learning of how to live with each other and all that the Creators have bestowed upon us in this warped space/time continuum.

As I have stated in a previous writing, I believe Jesus was the ORIGINAL HIPPIE.

Maybe the human race should reminisce as a whole. Look upon the glory’s of their past, but also, analyze their falls, mistakes and savage disregards and take from this the same life lesson an individual would. Perhaps we could all live in harmony – perhaps.

But, with society such as it is, like a spoiled child wanting to be the grown adult, I cannot ever perceive this as happening. For if we were ever really going to change this downtrodden existence, we would have done so many, many millennium ago.

As it is with a child, there shall come a time when The Creators look upon us and state, “I TOLD YOU SO!”. Then it shall be too late for, “But, we are sorry, honest, we will not do it again.”

And then the proverbial dung shall hit the cosmic fan so to speak – or to quote Mr. Lahey  “There is going to be a shit storm, Randy.”

Humans have not evolved far from the Neanderthal stage. Yes, language, lodging, agriculture and communication have matured, but, only to serve the selfish needs of a greedy race. We still rage war upon our neighbours. We still steal from each other. We still rape and pillage not only each other but also the other creatures with whom we share this lovely planet. HUMANS ARE THE MOST AGGRESSIVE SPECIES OF ANIMALS TO WALK THIS GLOBE!

I am saddened by the lack of common sense we hold as a whole. I shed a tear for the violence we have wrought upon the physical Earth and the torture we have rained upon the other animals that are forced to live in conjunction with us.

Few listened to Jesus. Few listened to Buddha. Few listened to Siddhartha. Few listened to the likes of Woody Guthrie, John Lennon or many of the troubadours of our world.

Very few took heed to the words scripted within The Bible, The Koran or those  “by the prophets written upon the subway walls and tenement halls“.

So, to quote Marianne Faithful, “I sit and watch as tears go by.” And I weep. I weep for my sons, my grandsons and I weep for you. For if humans do not get their act together very soon, this shall end very bad for all of us.

Music is the universal language. Yet, we have allowed such to evolve into teaching us to secure “money, weed and whores” – but let us reminisce to the songs of not so long ago and we would be wise to take heed of the messages, to grab that bull by it horns and maybe, just maybe we could “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE


But, unfortunately, mankind has already proven that “WE’RE ON A HIGHWAY TO HELL“.

So my prayer to your demigods tonight shall be, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do“.




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