Milli Vanilli Was Not The Worst

Milli Vanilli Was Not The Worst
So, we all know what is happening on this gorgeous planet. We all say things have to change. We all pledge to assist in saving the Earth.
Then, we all jump into an over horse-powered vehicle, attend the drive through at Tim Horton’s, light a cigarette and scratch the itch that damn polyester sweater gave us.
Wonder what is up with that?
This old LightHouse has some good news and some bad news for you all.
The good news being that no matter how much damage we cause Earth Mother, no matter how much garbage we dump into Her ocean’s, no matter how many chemicals we spew into Her air – She shall repair herself. She does not need us to assist Her in cleansing Herself.
Earth Mother knows what She is doing. She was doing this long before we decided we are the superior ones.
She has cleansed before. The Ice Age, The Dark Age, The Black Plague, Smallpox, Earth quakes, Tsunami’s, The GREAT Flood, Pompeii, Milli Vanilli and many other natural disasters. These were not disasters, but, rather a gentle nudge from Her. A tap on the shoulder to warn us to back down or be struck down.
Just a short interruption, Milli Vanilli was not a ‘natural’ disaster – but still a train wreck.
The bad news is something you are already aware of.
We only believe that we are the superior species on this planet because there is no animal that wishes to tell us otherwise. Insects can communicate with animals who can communicate with nature. All other species communicate interactively without our help. We, on the other-hand, can barely converse with each other. We have yet learned how to do this civilized. Human’s first reaction to the unknown is penis posturing and the raising of the battle flag.
Do not believe this?
Look at every single sci-fi movie ever made – instead of rolling out a peaceful welcome mat, we gather our armies and biggest guns – just in case.
If the power goes out in your house the first thing you grab is a weapon, then a flashlight.
If a stranger knocks your door, BOOM, up goes that defensive wall.
I have never in fifty-six years heard two whales in a drunken argument.
I have never witnessed a group of lemurs raising arms against a group of meercats.
I have never witnessed an army of snails assaulting the Earth worm kingdom.
What was the first thing every single exploration team did when landing in a new world?
They tried to assimilate the ‘natives’. They demanded they worship their God’s, practice their religions, eat their style of nourishment and most of all, they labeled them “NATIVES”.
Such a derogatory term. Right up there with “SAVAGES”.
Human’s take great pleasure in labelling anything they do not understand, with a term that leads to the belief that due to the fact there lays a difference they are therefore ‘inferior’.
We ARE the only inferior species on this planet. We destroy or force change on every aspect of life.
If you are not the same as me, then I am by all means superior then you.”
I am not superior to any person, animal or plant. I am a product of a very immature species dancing drunkenly upon an elder world that knows more then I shall ever hope to comprehend.
I know many people who will argue for days how they are saving the planet. We usually debate this in a vehicle with our plastic drink bottles in hand while blaring loud musical notes out to the once calm air. Then, we go home, take a large dump in our toilets and flush it into Earth Mother’s water system.
Yes Sir, we are so superior.
So, what will happen when Earth Mother takes her large dump on us – oh wait, she has a few times.
I truly am of the belief that there is a far larger flushing of Earth Mother’s toilet on the way.
Scientists have stated that the world can only sustain nine billion of us. We are at seven now. Take into fact all the teenage mothers in the Western world and we should reach that magic number soon.
Now, understand this, ‘sustain’ does not mean we will live a great existence. In all actuality, our lives will be of sorrow and struggle for food, water. All aspects of life will be strained to the max.
Sad part is we will never be prepared for it.
What do you do if your home is invaded by pests? You obliterate them.
Mankind is the pestilence on this planet. We are worse then cockroaches. And the Orkin Man is coming ………….. just saying.
As a footnote I state:
Look around at the climate change. Look at the many ‘natural’ disasters lately. Polar vortex? In my previous 56 years not once did I hear of this and I am in Canada – where the true North Pole resides.
Notice that lately earth quakes are reaching far over the five on the Richter scale? Just the other day 6.9 off the California coast.
Europe flooding.
Australia burning.
Need I go on?
The only thing we haven’t been slammed with lately is a comet or meteor strike.
Do you – as a person – honestly believe that if there were a very catastrophic event about to shock this planet that our leaders would inform us?
There is not a hope in Heaven or Hades of the Powers That Be telling us. They could not. There would be mass hysteria, violence everywhere and it would be every man for himself. The leaders would have to just sit back and say to one another, “Dude, we are so screwed.”
And Earth Mother would say, “Why yes, yes you are.”
And all the animals would smile.

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