Here is a statement released by Richard Wright

Letter to the editor submitted by Richard Wright

Here is a statement released by Richard Wright and published on the Facebook Group, it is in regards with my previous post at the bottom of this page.

Sorry for the delay as you know the storm is hard my power went out and I have children!!!!!!!!
Here you go everyone this is what you have been waiting for an official word by word statement by Mr. right!!
I have sent it to the instructed media outlets he wanted and I hope everyone shares this around the world!
Letter to the editor submitted by Richard Wright In regards to story and Tuesday, March 25 titled “generous man detained in PEI under the mental health act”
I would like to start by saying I Richard White of Hunter River was the person detained and arrested, under the mental health act on Thursday, March 20th. From traveling home in Hunter River to Charlottetown on Thursday to buy some groceries after returning from a family visit to celebrate my daughter’s 16th birthday With family in Dartmouth, three RCMP cruisers passed me on route 2 heading west as I was heading east toward Charlottetown.
The three cruisers quickly stopped and turned and pulled me over they told me they were on their way to Hunter River to meet with me. Upon stopping and exiting my vehicle I was told that I was arrested. Not as Stated in the article by Sgt. Leanne Butler, Under the mental health act and asked to get in the backseat of the cruiser.
I cannot remember the arresting officer’s name but I assure you I was arrested, just ask him under oath.
I was taken to the QEH for examination and placed in a small black concrete room with a thick steel door and a small window.
Inside the room was a roof mounted camera and a stretcher. I was left in this cell like room for almost 8 hours and fed only two pieces of white bread. I was questioned by five different doctors and nurses over this period of time. I was told then I would be detained for a 72 hour observation period.
This news worried me and I began to worry about my two children whom I am the sole provider and caregiver for. I was also concerned for my cats whom would need food And my pipes freezing in my house Since I only have wood heat.
When I was denied The toxicology report on the medication I was told to take as well As a copy of the mental health act . I finally received the toxicology report yesterday and it shows that lorazepam should not be taken if there is issues with liver and as Turns out my blood work showed Issues with my Liver. I also received a photocopy Of the mental health act and it clearly states on the cover That it is for information and reference Purposes only and is not The official version of the act. Upon Realizing all of the injustices done to me And that none of the proper procedures were followed I Began to ask some of the other patients and I was amazed at the amount of abuse To peoples rights going on here. I told Dr. beck that I was to speak with lawyer and start a lawsuit on behalf of all patients, now and former.
Shortly after making a statement I have been confined to my room and only allowed out at 0.5 hours periods of time. Some of the other inmates were told also not to speak or they would lose their privileges. BTW I have none. I am not permitted to participate in any group activities or allowed outside at all. I submitted an appeal to the mental health review board to have my involuntary admission status changed in a date was set for this Friday march 28 at 9:30 AM. I am not allowed visitors or phone calls from anybody other than my mom and brother who live in Dartmouth, and from my children and my partner Beverly .
Yesterday I was notified by Dr. Beck that an additional consideration was to be made at the review board hearing on Friday. This additional consideration includes the board determination that I am not capable of managing my own affairs and to implement certificate of incapacity to make my own choices and force me to be medicated with psychiatric drugs. I was also told by certain nurses that I cannot use the desk phone which does not help at all.
I was told by Dr. back that she is planning to have my drivers license suspended and the possibility of losing custody of my children. This whole situation is a nightmare and we need help!
Please share this information and help us get our life back, I was just trying to help my fellow man, is that really such a bad thing.
Sadly and overwhelmed and doing my best to keep from going insane,
Thank you all
Richard Wright
Plz do not ask me how I got the statement from him because I will not answer!
And to all doubters that this is not the original words he wrote then when he is released or can speak he will verify what I say and what I have always said has been the truth!!
Here is the link – I am only sharing their post – I am not the author.

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