The Total Lack of Customer Respect Involving Telus Acquiring Public Mobile

I am asking all my friends who have or have had a Public Mobile account to file a complaint at the CCTS and to also go to Telus’ FaceBook page and let THEM know how we are being treated.

If this does not change then we should all boycott both Public Mobile and Telus. Links are in my previous posts. Here is what I posted on the Telus page – let us see if their customer service is better then Public’s
Since Telus is acquiring Public Mobile I am hoping maybe THEY will step in and stop what Public is doing to their existing customers.

I have two phones with Public and live on a pension. For the past month or more I can rarely use my phones. The service is so bad that I can see no reason to pay for May’s service. If you look at Public’s FaceBook page or even my page you will see that I am by far not alone.
Here is what us loyal Public customers are dealing with ( also I have been with Public since they first began operations). What is going on between Telus, Public and the existing customers is a shame!
Here is a summary of just part of my complaint to the CCTS.
Public Mobile has not been delivering the service as originally I
had when first I signed up.

They are forcing all customers to buy
new phones. They raised our prices without telling us in a public
manner. For the past month my texting, internet and actual cell
phone service has been intermittent and often not available.
What steps did you take to resolve the matter with your TSP?(please be as specific as possible and provide dates where possible.):
Almost everyday for the past month I have contacted customer
service and technical support. They just say that they are forcing
us to switch to the Telus network and there is nothing they can or
will do to either fix the issues or compensate customers.
What did your TSP say/do?
First I tried speaking to them via their FaceBook page and their
web page – their response to anyone who does this is to “Private
Message them”. When you do that you are faced with very rude
service personal or a standard answer that usually says thank you
for your complaint – which is just another large insult. I was
actually told that I “was out of luck” and treated very very
What do you consider to be a reasonable resolution to your
I believe that the CRTC should investigate what is actually going
on behind the scenes with Telus acquiring the Public Mobile
customers. Telus stands to make millions at the end of May if all
Public customers MUST buy new phones.

I understand why the new phones are necessary, but I do not understand how Public can change an existing customers contract by reducing data usage and raising the monthly cost by ten dollars – there must be some guideline that governs such an action.

If I have a contract with any other type of business the said contract can not be changed without allowing me to negotiate said contract.
If Telus wishes to make a profit from acquiring Public then I believe they should try to right this fiasco with Public Mobile or both Public and Telus will be losing many customers. I am not shy to say that I have started an online campaign to have this acquisition analysed to the fullest. I will also be contacting all forms of media on behalf of Public’s existing customers to see if the CRTC and the CCTS can and will properly investigate what appears to be robbery and breach of contract.

Here is the link to file a CCTS complaint

You can also go to both Public Mobile’s and Telus Mobile’s web pages or their FaceBook pages and let them know how you feel regarding this fiasco.




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