Life Is A Highway

One has to wonder where this world is heading. Where does this expressway take us to?

Society is riding an autobahn – no set speed limit in this lane. Everyone is rushing to be the first one at the red light of life. Family life is a pool of stress and rushed days. Work life is one hundred hours of task in a forty hour jar. Education has accelerated to the point that children are learning in grade six what they cannot understand till they attend grade ten.

Living the fast life will only slow us down

I watch, I listen, I see. But, I do not understand.

Why is it so important for worldwide media outlets to let us know when two celebrities are getting married or divorced? No one reported worldwide when I divorced my first wife. Is there not tragedy and nicer things right here at home to speak of?

Why is it that being famous can be as easy as having a huge behind? Or being in rehab?

I do not know – nor do I believe I ever shall.

What I do know and understand is that no one is realizing what this rush is doing to our children and our lives.

1) Few inner city kids play outside – they are safer in front of their television using their gaming apparatus.

2) Parents come home from work stressed to the maximum – only to find that home life is full of more stress.

3) Money, money, money – everyone is always hoping for more.

4) We all want higher wages – not understanding that higher wages means higher food and living costs.

5) Police are not held accountable – thus they have lost the trust of citizens.

6) Politicians lie – and we will not band together and hold them accountable until after the damage is done.

7) There are more “non-voters” than “voters”.

8) Cars can go hundreds of kilometres an hour – but yet we have speed limits.

9) Electronics have replaced conversation and outdoor living.

10) Keeping up with the Jones is a national pastime. You buy a 52 inch tv and I will buy a 60 inch.

I have 57 years of watching, listening and seeing. I have only a few years of understanding what I have seen and heard.

And it saddens me.

I grew up in a world with a muddy backyard, tag with my friends, camping trips, walks of adventure through forest and most of all, I grew up where the family sat down at a table for meals and spoke to each other. Family sat in a “family” room and watched television or played “family” games.

People, stop, look and listen …….. before a train cuts off the highway and brings everything to a crashing stop.

The old saying, “Stop and smell the roses” has a deep meaning ……. just saying

Peace, love and Light from The LightHouse

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