Reply from Enercare Public Relations

So, after most people went out and paid their hydro bills this morning in fear of losing their power I receive a call from Enercare Public Relations:

“”On Friday, November 28, 2014 I received a call from Director of Public Relations at Enercare Connections.

They explained in detail how Enercare cannot bill their customers until Hydro One sends a “bulk bill” to them for this address. Sometimes this bill is quite delayed and therefore Enercare cannot bill their customers. It is far more complicated than this, but I am conveying the “Reader’s Digest” version if you will.

I was then assured that the residents of this building could pay the remaining bills after the holiday season without incurring late charges or additional fees.

I discussed in length as to why Enercare cannot bill in a consistent nature like most corporations. Enercare claims this is due to the inconsistent billing to them by Hydro One. I conveyed my disbelief in this.

I offered up the suggestion of allowing Enercare customers to have “Equal Billing” on a set day monthly. I was told that this was something that the Board of Director’s are looking into. Personally, from a businessman’s point of view, I believe this would not only prevent such fiasco’s as this happening again, but would also almost eliminate incurring ‘late’ fees.

I am relieved I no longer have to worry about any of us tenants having our power turned off this month. I was assured no one would be disconnected.

I still hold concern as to what nightmare the spring may hold.The Director informed me that the next invoice date is unknown as they have yet to receive the “bulk” bill from Hydro One.They did agree that we are still two months behind not counting the invoices already received.

In my own case I am going to start making payments even if I have received no invoice at all. Hopefully, this will solve my problem.

There is still no explanation concerning the “late” fees. There still seems to be a “passing of the buck” as to whom is to blame.

The blame for the two year fiasco was/is being passed back and forth between Enercare and Montery. I believe Enercare are who has created the mistake as it was caught when they did their two year forensic accounting. The blame for December’s fiasco seems to point at Hydro One, BUT, and most contractors and business owners will tell you, no matter when you receive bills from your provider, you should still invoice the customers you have on a consistent basis.

End result – 1725 Lawrence has a stay of execution till January.

What should happen next:

1) Enercare should overhaul their invoice practice’s and stop Predatory Billing

2) Enercare clients should all be put on equal billing to reduce the money grabs of late fees and confusion in the invoices

3) Instead of passing the blame both Enercare and Hydro One should stand up and admit they are flawed in serious ways.

4) There should be full accountability by all.

Any tenants in the building should contact me and I will provide them with further info and how to have their file marked for the offer of paying in January and not incurring additional charges.””

At least we have that for now. But, come January it will start all over I fear.

End result – both Hydro One and Enercare are very misconstrued when it comes to accountability. But,at least some of the tenants will be relieved. We who already paid the bills are still sitting broke.

So sayeth The LightHouse.


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