Inspiration from a Fellow LightHouse

I’m 20, i have so much potential but I don’t use it. I have just realized that I want to change everyone’s life I come into contact with.

I want to make music and write lyrics for kids that have been through life’s trials that I have personally experienced.

Starting tomorrow, I am quitting smoking and drinking and all forms of partying because if weighs down on my potential. We didn’t grow up as kids worrying where we were; we grew up as kids not caring we we were, because we knew that we would become something greater.

Everyone has the potential in them to be a star inside, most people just give up because they don’t believe in themselves. I am here to say that the potential is within everyone’s grasps.

Join me in the movement to become extraordinary. Don’t let pure pressure, partying, drinking, act as a way to bring you down and prolong your destiny.

Use your sorrow and trauma to create the amazing person that you were meant to always be.

Singing off–Anonymous


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