MMXVI – Wow, made it!


MMXVI – Wow, made it!

I am honestly surprised. There has to be many who know me and my ways that are equally amazed.

So, I asked my invisible friend if he knew what my other self thought of all this.

He replied with a lyric from Yelawolf and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Slumdon Bridge’, “I’ll be coming up, when the sun goes down. Rolling like a rock till I hit the ground. Running from the Lord cause I can’t be found. Only MY God can track me down”.

OMG, people. How did these two musicians get into the minds of LightHouse Shakie Dann Verner?

I am 58 years old now – five point eight decades of rocking, rolling, laughing, crying, living and dying. At least the living part out weighs the dying. Seven times dead, but EIGHT times re-born.

Never judge a cover by the book. Words lie, pictures are truth.

So, ’nuff said. I will live the re-born life and all the strife that comes with it for I still have fifty-four years to live before my final passing.

Cheers and PEACE people!


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