Imagine if you thought today was actually tomorrow and then realized it was actually yesterday. Confusing pondering for sure.

Such is my mindset when I gaze upon modern society. I am dumbfounded as to why the vast majority either sees not or chooses not to show concern.

Whatever happened to love thy neighbour? Whatever became of lending a helping hand? Where has honour above all dispersed to?

I look at the world we have created for my sons and I worry.  I worry that they will mature with the mindsets that violence happens, marriages are disposable and respect is a fable. 

So, every night I drift into R.E.M. with a kaleidoscope of fears and anxieties dancing through the windmills of my mind.

And I worry for my babies. I am frightened for what they may have to experience in their adulthood’s because we, the priors, had no sensibility.

Do you worry?

Do you have the moxy to change what we have instilled into the id of our youth?

Me thinks we best get on the ball and reveal to them all. All that we should have already taught and that which we should have learned from.

Come walk with Dann and teach the youth.


About LightHouse Dann Verner

I am a 'Lighthouse' - I spread the message of Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Light to all whom may overstand the necessity of becoming one with each other and all the Gods have laid at our feet.
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