Fort McMurray

Just a thought – I think instead of giving all the tax dollars to immigrants, the Federal and Provincial government’s should REASSIGN those dollars to restore Fort McMurray and help the tens of thousand CANADIANS that have lost EVERYTHING. Just saying ………

I take this time to offer my prayer to all those affected by this disaster.

 As is Canadian traditions we will definitely band together and assist and support all of you throughout this most difficult time and the re-building and re-claiming of your lives.

Anyone who can donate may do so through the Red Cross and I am sure numerous other agencies. 

This may well turn out to become one of the worst natural disasters in our history. 

May the winds change before the fire consumes the whole city. 

May the Creator’s Bless and protect all the brave fire fighters (many whom are volunteers) and watch over all involved. A big respect for both the law officers and the citizens for a safe evacuation of the city.

My heart and prayer is with you all.

So sayeth The LightHouse 



About LightHouse Dann Verner

I am a 'Lighthouse' - I spread the message of Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Light to all whom may overstand the necessity of becoming one with each other and all the Gods have laid at our feet.
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