I awoke this morning a changed and scared man. I am scared of what will happen next.

Texas and Louisiana are just the tip of this iceberg.  Some  say this goes all the way back to the Rodney King time. It goes further back then that.

It goes back to the beginning of times.  Society has always allowed the minority to be treated less civilized than the rich and upper classes.

Society has stood by and watched as family values and civil rights have been trampled upon and literally destroyed.  We have raised our youth on fantasy war games and so-called entertainment that teaches death and does so with very realistic graphics.
But it does not teach that dead cannot “re-spawn ” and a real assault rifle causes real assaults.

Did we not learn anything from history?  Slavery and OPPRESSION built every great city. The pyramids,  the Great Wall, every single city, most of North America was built by Irish, Chinese  and Black slaves. 

During my youth I remember Kent State, the racial tensions, Black Panthers Movement,  Vietnam War and the chaos that followed.

But, I also remember the Hippies and their music begging the world to give peace a chance. And the world did for a while. 

When did we lose our love? Where has sensibility and compassion gone?

Why have we allowed family and religious values to disappear?  

Freedom of SPEECH – gone!  You can only speak if you don’t OFFEND . You can only worship if it does not OFFEND. 

Other than silly sitcoms are there any shows or movies that teach family structure, love of man or peace? NO!!! Almost every form of media teaches nothing but violence and sex. 

Do not get me wrong and believe that I am naive in the ways of man. We have always lived in a world where violence is key and most think through their phallic brain poles. 

Which tells the tale of just how Barbarian society still is.

We have three generations of children raising children. Where welfare is a job. Where children do not know what it is like to sit at the family table and discuss our day and enjoy the comfort of family. Now these kids are having kids that are doomed when it comes to the understanding of what life is really all about.\

Every age group is now addicted to technology – myself included. Even the “cute” video games promote death and destruction.

Religion is a farce of violence and deception. The larger the number in a congregation, the more powerful the  so-called ‘religious’ leaders have.

This is not about Islam or Christianity – it is about power and deception. The majority of people are just sheep being herded by the rich and deceptive. Money (the root of all evil) is what runs our lives. 

What is a terrorists? We are ALL terrorists. If anyone doubts our beliefs then we react with hatred and blame.

The events taking place in the United States and Middle East are just a minute part of the world’s problem.

We are going back down the ladder of evolution and I am scared for where we will land. I don’t want to live in a cave in a post-apocalyptic world.

They say music is a universal language. Well, maybe if these so-called musicians of today would stop promoting sex, drugs, whores, violence and GREED, maybe, just maybe, we could repair the damage done.

Perhaps we could flood the airwaves and all media with the songs of the sixties and once again spread the need for love and unity and most of all “PEACE”.

Forget religious beliefs, forget the need for greed – remember the Creator’s, no matter what faith, have all said that we should love and respect all people and all that the Creator’s have laid before us.

To quote one of the best songs ever written, “We are on the eve of destruction.” Written by P.F. Sloan and best remembered by the vocal talents of Billy McGuire.

Drop the guns – Call of Duty is just a game.


These tears in my heart are for all mankind, no matter what race or religion. We all eat the sour grapes.


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