Freedom Mobile LIES!!!

​I just came back from the store at 2059 Lawrence Avenue East and Mr. Kenny Shen refused to replace the phone. He refused to look at the conversation on your web page.  He put his boss, Tim Liu on the phone and I am now at home with NO phone.  So, the phone call I received yesterday telling me to go today and get either a refund or new phone was a blatant lie or Mr. Shen just does what he wants. Either way Freedom Mobile is in no way to be trusted.  The man called me ON NEW YEARS DAY – A  NATIONAL HOLIDAY – AND PROMISED A NEW PHONE!!!!

So, I am contacting the reporter now to inform them how Freedom Mobile went against what it promises. 

Kenny Shen should not be allowed to deal with customers. 

We received ANOTHER phone call at six pm last night from Mr.Shen telling us we could come pick up a new phone. 

I received the phone at seven pm.

I am grateful that Freedom Mobile FINALLY replaced the device and, also, the months credit on both the girls lines.

I am still disgusted at the FIASCO this experience became.

I hold Freedom Mobile partly responsible as it is their company.

I hold Mr. Kenny Shen at the franchise store at 2059 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario ninety-nine percent to blame as he is who treated us so rude, had no ability to communicate in a retail manner and,  without sounding too harsh, is as stupid as stick. 

I personally thank “Alan” and “MA” from Freedom Mobile’s Facebook page who resolved the issues in a PROFESSIONAL and POLITE manner.


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