I recently saw a post on the evil Facebook whereas a Muslim was defending the actions of the extremists, such as Isis or the Taliban, by saying it is only a few Muslims who have that idealogy. And he said the said 'few' were not terrorizing the world. He stated that the 'good' Muslims are... Continue Reading →



Society,  especially all this politically correct shit, is so screwed up.   That insurgent would not hesitate to kill your child or blow up your local shopping mall.  Marines are the first on the ground and the last to leave. These poor souls see and have to do things no person should have to. All... Continue Reading →


NAME IS DANN AND I AM AFRAID. I am afraid of what my once beautiful and peaceful country has become.  ​So Federal Motion M103 passed on a vote of 201 for and a mere 91 against. (SHARIA creeping law). Despite many of my countrymen saying "No way!", the Liberal majority, with the help of the... Continue Reading →

Three Levels of Life in Every Individual – According to Emanuel Swedenborg

FOOD FOR DEEP THOUGHT ….. just saying

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

ISwedenborgn Emanuel Swedenborg’s book, Heaven and Hell, at marker 468 [2], he talks about three levels of life, he writes;

“Our rational ability is opened at the first level by means of civic truths, at the second by moral truths, and at the third level by spiritual truths.”

He goes on to say, that knowing the truths is not enough, you must live them. Not only live them, but spiritually love them.

Civic Truths – Love what is fair and equitable.

Moral Truths – Love what is honest and upright.

Spiritual Truths – Love what is good and true in regard to heaven and the church.

Swedenborg extols us to not love them because they make us feel better or superior to our fellowtruth humans, but because of our affection for the truths. Truths that become part of our conscience, embedded in us so we may retain these feelings…

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