Muslim Brotherhood is not a new thing.

There isn’t a prison in the Western world that doesn’t have the gang of “Muslim Brotherhood”.

And every single jailhouse Muslim is one just to get better food and special treatment.  Every Blood or Cripp gang member I have met in all my years claim to be Muslim.  And then they sell guns and heroin for the very people who want us dead.

Muslim Brotherhood is not a new thing. No more than the Aryan Brotherhood is new. BOTH are using labels to  promote their drugs and arms dealing. 

Now, in the case of the M.B., just by selling guns and heroin are they not being contradictory to their “PEACEFUL” so-called religion?

False Muslims. Low life gang members hiding behind a Pedophilia religion to get rich off the destruction of their neighbours and funnel money back to ISIL, Taliban and other such low life scum.

The A.N. members are no better.

I have a colourful history and those who know me well know I have deep ties with multiple gangs. What I say to you I say to their faces.

Every single gun, explosive and gram of heroin on the streets our countries puts coins into the coffers of the barbaric animals  intent on our destruction. 

Also, these materialistic wannabe Tupac’s can drive Mercedes Benz and wear Gucci logo’s while trading drugs for teenage sex. When busted they instantly rat out all their good “homies” – get out on bail and go right backto supplying the Terrorist Train.
And they all believe that their doing so will save them from beheading and/or torture once these animals take over.

In short, all religions are gangs of people who have similar mindsets who believe that their “religion” and their “god/gods” are the true ones.

What a farce the Muslim Brotherhood and the Aryan Brotherhood and the Triads and the Latin Kings all are. What a farce the pedophilic Islamic,  the Catholic with their bum pirates and ALL religious GANGS are.


A leader whose biological father has to be Fidel Castro. Whose mother has a flock of seagulls swirling through her head. A leader who was elected into power because he had “nice hair” and wears his wife’s underwear.

And all of you will talk and complain on social media, but are too lazy to VOTE or STAND AS ONE VOICE TO DRIVE THESE ANIMALS BACK TO WHERE CAME FROM.

And to once and for all start imprisoning these street gangs – forget about this house arrest crap, forget about bail hearings for repeat offenders and bring into Canadian laws the Three Strike Rule. 

Only way to stop this crazy train is to eliminate the funneling of our money to their pockets.  Stop the street gangs – stop the train. 

I do not give two shits what you say or who I anger. I have done all the same things as these gangs. I have taken life.  I have put tens of thousands of dollars in the pockets of these scumbags.


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