There was a time when I believed life was fair.

There was a time when I believed friends care.

My life was never ‘fair’. As previous blogs show, I was not to really be ‘here’.

A year ago my house was full, friends would come and friends would go. 

Of friends who needed a place to smoke and drink. 

And spit their falsehoods in my sink.

Of friends who told me they would be there, if ever my life fell into despair.

And now my life is a total wreck and all but a few do not give a heck.

The handful who have stood by my side have a love they do not hide.

The others who claimed friendship to me were as phony as life could be. 

And if forever they were to need me again, I would say, “Good luck my ‘friend'”.

For once you have used a friend so true you cannot expect his friendship be loyal to you.

I  could list their names for all to view, but the list could include YOU

Of my Loves, I have but two, my Queens, my Maria and Terry makes two.

For there is no thing I would not do for their friendship that burns so true. 

And when my heart begins to break, their love is what my life finds great. 

When next I have my own place,  at my door will be not YOUR face.

You like to believe I was a fool, when in reality it was you being the ‘tool’.

I do not have a Mercedes Benz. Bought from selling heroin to friends.

I do not have necklaces of gold. Bought from stealing souls so bold.

I will probably fall victim once again to false people who will call me friend.

For I was raised to believe in you, even if you thought me a fool.

I left my home at age of twelve, to learn of this world in which I dwell.

I learned young that people think, “What from this man can I sneak?”

But listen when my age does speak, “What you have sown you shall wreak”.

For sixty years I “Walked With Dann”, always knowing he was a ‘man’.

That previous sentence reminds me well,


For on false friends I shall not dwell. 

For if I do my heart will never be well.

Good bye false friends, I bid you well, for next I see you I know will be in Hell. 

And to those whose friendships I lovingly speak, I love you more than words can speak…..


About LightHouse Dann Verner

I am a 'Lighthouse' - I spread the message of Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Light to all whom may overstand the necessity of becoming one with each other and all the Gods have laid at our feet.
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  1. Amazing!!! Just what I want to say to my ‘friends’. It’s really great, Dann. It takes a lot of courage to express it so well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dann, this is so touching.
    Most people get into friendships because of what they get out of it. I’m happy I got rid of phony friends in my life and now I experience peace.
    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

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