Yesterday I was sucked into a swirling  torrent of depression, self-pity and anger.

And today I am once again of my human side. 

The accumulation of all the physical trauma and psychological torment of post surgery takes it’s toll eventually. 

The realization of the severity of my heart affliction. 

Yesterday was not a  “LightHouse” day.

Yesterday was definitely a “Shakie” day

Today I am better.  I have cried my tears and laid out my fears.  

I can face yet another day. 

Demons quelled by text – psychology sessions with my Queens. 

Demon banter stifled by a coffee with my nephewson, Shane. 

I have no embarrassment over my bad days, as niether do I for my good ones.

“I am Dann – just as I am.”

I still have all the problems, trials and tribulations I had before I finally slept. 

But the day is anew and I must keep on trucking.

For even a LightHouse can be damaged by storms. Until the LightHouse bounces back brighter than before.

I am not saying I hear voices as you may have thought. I speak of our two consciousness’. Those two cartoonish Angels perched on either shoulder whispering advice into your ear.

I’m not saying I don’t hear voices either. We all have those inner voices.  Most ignore them due to fear of change.

I battle mine face to face with my hereditary fooking Irish temper.

And sometimes I break down. ….

and it scares me. 

My words here,  in these “Walks With Dann“,  they are brutally honest and from my heart in real time. 

I have a promise with myself that my writings will always be genuine and truthful emotions or events of my time in this your space/time continuum. 

And that is why you can”Walk With Dann”.

Namaste” my friend 


Add yours

  1. I so respect that you are facing these difficulties head-on. Glad today is a better day. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad. Authentic. Genuine. Real. Honest…..Peace, brutha.

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  2. Namaste” and best wishes. Depression does effect us all. But we have to search for the light and find it. I didn’t know what to comment yesterday, but today you seem cheerful. Try to keep up like this. Best wishes from India

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