The Verner Boys in the News

I have been Blessed over the years with the lives I have lived.

I have appeared in various news programs and magazines.  

Not all for “good” actions – but, here are a few of the more positive posts.

In 1995, It was worth the drive to Acton, Ontario

My “Dandidit Renovations” days. I so miss my days of working hard and doing the best job possible.  If I remember correctly this was a job for Jim Carek (from Real Reno’s fame). I did many contracts for him as well as Mike Holmes, also. Great memories  ……

LORD OF THE BORROWERS  in 2002 – Wired Magazine article. I chuckle now thinking back to then and the excitement of buying the “huge” five gigabytes hard drive.  Today I can put thirty-two gigs just on my key fob.  Lol.

In 2014 I had extremely bad luck with hydro billing subcontractors

LightHouse in 2015. The Government lies.     

LightHouse in  2015 still didn’t like cellular companies.

My oldest boy, Randy.  In 2015 he didn’t like cellular companies either.

My youngest son,  Dakota in 2017 really dislikes cellular companies.

I am proud that my sons have learned to speak out against wrongs and that they are not afraid to ‘voice’ their opinions. 
They walk with confidence and security and I am a honoured to call them “son”. 


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