Charlie, Charlie, Charlie ……………..

I remember the trials well.

He has served his time considering he didn’t actually kill anyone.  Yes he talked people into doing it but no blood actually touched his hands. 

Hell if he were Canadian Trudeau would have given him ten and a half million and a home in Toronto.

Charlie is insane – no doubt – way too much LSD back in the sixties.  He is also dying. 

I conversed with him via a publicist back in 2002 for research on a book I was writing. 

Nine cents short of a dollar for sure, but in todays justice system he would have been tried as an “accessory before and after the fact”.

He convinced Squeaky and the gang to do things he didn’t have the balls to do. He was not at the murder scenes nor at anytime did he actually take physical action. 

LSD – huge amounts warped all their minds. 

In today’s courts I do not think he would have received as long a sentence. 

The trial was a big media circus due to Sharon Tate being so famous and the baby being cut from the womb. 

The vulgarity of the murders was at the hands of the actual murderers. 

He did not order them to do what they did, but rather convinced them via his charismatic abilities.


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  1. Footnote :

    Charles did participate in one murder.
    The Facebook news post of his receiving parole is fake news.

    Even if he were to receive parole he would be long dead before the paper work was finalized.
    Haters gonna hate and readers will actually read the COMPLETE article

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