Life has been kicking me vigorously lately.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t care.

I am tiring of the constant barrage.

But, alas, I always have been very good at bouncing back from the beatings.

Even with all that I have been through so far this year,  I am attempting to stay focused and semi-quasi-positive. 

I have to,  for not only am I a survivor, I am also a father of a brilliant fourteen year old. 

My life decisions are based souly on the cause and affect they will ripple into his life. 

For it is every parent’s responsibility to be the best they can and raise their children to become an addition to society, not a burden. 

If one is raised without ‘religion‘ then they have a far reaching ability to fully understand ‘spirituality’. 

This is my belief  …..

“If you raise all man to not “believe”, but rather, “understand” the ‘Ten Commandments’ and to live their lives accordingly, then perhaps society would be less vulgar. Perhaps you will then become “spiritual.”

“Yet pray before no false idols in a temple of false beliefs”.

Perhaps we could “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” – “IMAGINE” – all the way “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE”.

My life will soon be back on track and these tough experiences all but a bad memory. 

My son will grow to be a man soon, as did his elder brothers. 

I will grow older. A weathered beacon of life – a ‘watchmen‘ in the LightHouse of House Verner. 

And if all is well my child will have spiritual confidence and base his values on Ten Commandments. 


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