MI Corazon, MI Fuego

Can love be measured? 

How does one measure an emotion?

Perhaps it may be tallied by the unexpected embraces or the euphoria of the spontaneous kiss.

I have grown to realize that there are many categories of ‘love‘.

The most common being “friendship” love. 

That emotion and comfort we all get from knowing a person has earned the love and the respect garnering the “Friend” label.

LIFE” love is a rarity. 

It would be a disillusionment to believe the ‘Love of Life’ resides in everyone. That is a privilege for the greater minority. 

Some believe “sex” is “Love“. (It is not.  It is merely ‘sex’)

Ironically,  there does exist “Love OF sex”. 

Now, that is a humorous flaw in the human genetics. 

The second most damaging love is “Euphoric” love.

That human trait of constantly seeking escapism from daily realities. 

Be it via adrenalin rushes, influences of drugs, staggers of alcohol or peculiar fetishes, we all have our personal ‘highs’. 

Numero uno of the damaging love is,  hands down, “False” love.

That love directed at you by a spouse or endeared, but falsified by adultery or deceit. 

Which brings us to “True” love. 

How do you measure the strongest emotional instinct embedded within us? How?

I have true love towards a beautiful soul. 

An alluring Latino Queen with a golden Spanish heart.

Mi Corazon. Mi fuego.

My true friend and confidant. 

A Very Happy & Loving Day In My Life

You could say, “I love her with all my heart and soul”

But, is that a measure?

I know I truly do love mi Corazon. 

No matter what I may opposite imply.

That area of my mind that plays tunes and flashes emotions at me periodically tells me so.

When for no reason I wish I were holding her. 

(Namely due to the fact my ‘Lighthouse ‘ radar tells me she is in need of a hug)

Is knowing and ACTUALLY feeling her emotions a true measure of how much I love her?

Or the daydream of couch cuddling in front of the television?

Maybe it is when I awaken, nervously,  from a deep sleep and wish she were next to me just because. 


Our lives are unusual in the everyday sense.

We are NOT a couple. 

We were. 

We may be again.

We ARE very close friends. 

We are so aligned that we can have conversations without speaking a word. 

She knows how to soothe the savage beast within me. 

She comforts my pains. 

I can cry without embarrassment in her presence.

But, her truest gift is her honesty to me. I do believe her words.  

Unfortunately,  I am burdened with ‘age’. I am sixty years old in eleven days. Twenty plus years her senior. 

Is it fair for me to have such deep love and feelings for a gorgeous woman who will definitely outlive me by many a year?

My main reason for not continuing dating her was that my love for her, at the time, was great enough I realized my lifestyle would damage her.

And I loved her then and even more now,  but, I did not and do not want to cause her stress, sorrows or pain.

I have quit the previous lifestyle. 

And I spend a minimal of ten hours each day wishing I were next to her. 

That I could smell her hair as my arms embrace her and our ‘Lights’ entwine.

My love is strong enough that I am extremely at ease with being her friend with ‘cuddle rights’.

Mi Corazon, mi fuego

My heart, however, wants to nuture, RESPECT, protect and LOVE her always. 
Maybe “True Love” is measured by how much testosterone is released when the loved one is thought of?

I believe love is not measurable.  

It is infinite and existing in a non-existent manner. 

Love is feeling each other without effort or doubt. 

Love is ageless yet ages.  Like a fine Irish whiskey. 

Love is the flutter in my heart when I hold my Spanish Queen. 

Love is calmness in my soul when she hugs me back.

Love is my finding mi Corazon more sensually  attractive each day. 

Love is the excitement I feel when I first see her.

Love does not always mean cohabitation.

Love is definitely NOT control. 

Falling deeper in love the more she matures into a vision of womanhood.

Love is the heart, the soul and the mind becoming one and teaching you that love is real and before your very eyes.

Luckily,  I’m a LightHouse and am Blessed to see, feel and know love from mi Corazon.


Mi amor es fiel a mi sensual reina española de mi corazón. 

El fuego en mi alma. 

La calma en mi corazón y el pensamiento constante en mi mente. 

Te amo Corazón y mucho más, mucho más que eso, te aprecio como eres. 

De mi alma a la tuya.

My love is true to my sensual Spanish Queen of my heart.  

The fire in my soul. 

The calmness in my heart and the constant thought in my mind. 

I love you Corazon and more, much more than that, I appreciate YOU as YOU are. 

From my soul to yours.

So sayeth the LightHouse Dann Verner on this twenty-fourth day of September, 2017.

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