Who I Am

I am ‘LightHouse Dann Verner’.

2018-06-13 141894308174..jpeg

A man who some say has lived many tragic lives.

The first decade of my life I had lived in thirty-two homes. None of which I ever spoke the words, “Mom or Dad”. Only “Mister or Misses”.

I started my ‘Walks’ at the age of ten fighting the monsters in my head. The demons were winning for many years.

I left my siblings Father’s house at the age of twelve to join a hippie commune and learned how to be a Heroin addict.

I have never slept in my father or mothers house since that day.

That was over fifty years ago.

Foster care, jails, pain, sorrow and addiction were my childhood friends. My playgrounds were the streets.My rocking horse a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Finally I was rescued via an arrest. Rescued from certain death.

Next was real life recovery. ‘Cold turkey’ style in Dorchester Federal Penitentiary.

Where, after many years, I finally found “ME”.

I have never gone back to jail since my release in 1981.


The powers that be Blessed me with three sons and many other “sons and daughters” that wandered into my life from broken homes.

I still have demons but I have learned to live with them. I can never undo the pains and sorrow I inflicted on my family and others.

But, I can stand as a man and take responsibility and hopefully be a better man and role model for those who are in my life.

I started blogging in 2002. It was a release of the demons within.

The blogging led to my becoming an author.

TLCC (2)

The author led to my wanting the world to know who I was and who I achieve to become.

I write my books for me and my inner persona’s.

For the reader, I tell my stories.

If my story changes but one life, then I have succeeded.


I paid a high price for my actions. Lost my childhood, my teens and yet I hold my head high for,

I am ‘Dann’, just as I am.

And so it is that I am ……..

So, come, Walk With Dann.

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