You Should Buy The First Of My Autobiography. I Am Writing The Final Volume As We Speak

Time for all my relatives and friends to purchase the first of the four books in my Autobiography series. “Walk With Dann Collection”

The titles go in this order;







UNKZ was to be the final book of the series but then the cancers came along.

Now, with me working on a real-time account of my life, or perhaps my “Death“, my brain is constantly in battle with my moods and my beliefs. The mind can be a mortal enemy if giving the wrong information.

It is a very emotional book for me to author. Not easy at all. I will come across as a chaotic and eccentric borderline crackerjack. I suspect that I may well be one by next month.

I find it relieving to put my life in type. I want my grand children and their grand children to know who I was. To hopefully trigger in them the Verner stubborn

Sometimes I wish I could just live in one of my books. I would prefer it be my standalone book,

The Last Canadian Cosmonaut”.


My Personal Favourite of all my books

Simple life of a hippie on a Harley simply living a simplistic lifestyle.


So, this how it came to be that I am currently authoring a real time, diary/day planner/patient account of what it is like from the patients view.

I am writing it as it happens or as I am informed of various tests, etc.,etc.

Due to the nature of my life and the chaos of travelling for treatment to three hospitals and having a fantastic Treatment Team of 23 Five Star Medical, Emotional, Surgical and Support Staff keeping me alive, the book itself shall be chaotic and at times perhaps confusing.

I will try to keep it as real as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the process and my story.

I will not hold anything back. Not my tears, nor my joys. I will tell you what I feel or felt through each phase of my battle.

I also delve into the strength the hospital staff must have to do what they do.

After having been in the hospital for 22 of 29 weeks, I have witnessed first hand their anguish, joys and emotional upheavals as they come to work each day and do what they may to ease the suffering we patients go through. Their’s is not an easy life.

We patients are Blessed to live in Toronto and have access to the finest care on this planet.

My other series, “Walking On Dawes Collection“, also teaches us that life was designed to be lived.




Out of respect for Ernest Hemmingway and his works, I decided to entitle it:



The art of dying, remember that you have to die.

Interestingly I came across this meme yesterday.

It had not been since my university days that I had recalled studying the topic of ‘Death‘ and the phrase, “Ars Moriendi”.

I have long been a deep thinker and a thief of knowledge. I ingest knowledge like Vlad The Impaler’s Vampirism sucked the life source from his opponents.

Knowledge is power. If used properly. This does not mean that “power” is “knowledge”. In no way whatsoever is this a truth.

To the learned mind knowledge is a tool that opens all other doors of life and our perception of the life we live in this space/time continuum.

A stepping stone to the multiverse and the other 7 quantum space/time continuums.

All of which fall back onto the folds of each other universes contained within the multiverse.

You may think I to be a scientific conspiracy theorist. In many ways I may well be.

Was not Einstein, Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Newton and all the “genius” minds we were taught of in school and in life?

Which brings us to the short, simple sentence,

Memento Mori

Which teaches us the basic ideal for building our character in a true and godly manner.

This two word sentence reminds us that death is a given. That we are far from being immortal and thus our lives should be lived in an appreciative and peaceful manner. That we should be humble and never try to live with the attitude that any one of us are/is better than someone else.

We are all the same in the eyes of our perceived Creator and according to the laws of quantum physics.

Memento Mori was the basis of the main theory of soon to follow Christian doctrine.

Designed to remind us that life can be lived in many ways, but a successful life has to be lived in a manner that is socially and spiritually correct.

Not asking that we become Monks or Nuns. Simply that we always bear in mind that, yes, we are and shall die eventually.

Which leads us back to,

Ars Moriendi”

The Art of Dying”

What a beautiful art it is. For each day all living creatures in all the multiverses add another canvass to the ever growing art collection of life and existence.

I am painting such as we speak.

My present “oil on brain” work in progress is concerning a humbled soul who is battling two cancers combined with the usual medical concerns of a 60 plus year old man blended with the poyls of everyday living, society expectations and the ghost in the machines of life.

It will be a kaleidoscope of paisley patterned hippie shirts and Levis 501 button fly, boot cut, faded jeans attitude mixed with khaki coloured Dickie Brand pressed cargo pants.

I have lived many a lifestyle throughout my six decades upon Earth. I have learned from each day passed.

My greatest lesson learned, you ask?

Well, remember I tell you this,

Ars Moriendi, Memento Mori”

I kid you not ……

Namaste’ my learned friend.

Be humble.

Love before you hate.

Fear not dying, fear living.

We are all human. One race.

It was those who have no doctrine that developed “races”.

Forgive them their transgressions.

They no not what they do.

For they have no comprehensive ideal of what “Memento Mori” does teach us.

Until we cross paths once again, perhaps in another space/time continuum of our multiverse, I shall remain,

“Dann – just as I am.”

“Humbled and aware”