Dying Dann’s Adventures With Death


Life is full of surprises

Life is surprising

How many times must I add another volume to my autobiography?

At the time I wrote my “Walk With Dann Collection” I had not expected to live much longer.

My kidneys were a mess.

My congestive heart disease was at stage 4.

Things were not looking well for me.

Then I got diagnosed with the non treatable cancers.

So I wrote “Old Man With The ‘C’ – A Cancerous Walk With Dann”.

At the time believing my story had come to an end.

The cancer diagnoses led to me writing Old Man With The ‘C’ – a C Walk With Dann”.

After a horrible 15 month battle I thought once again my life was over.

As did all my various doctors.

We were wrong.

I did die twice through the battle, but alas, the Viking within me refused to lay down.

My Cancer team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre are baffled that I live still.

They use words like “miracle”.

All I know is now I am writing another volume detailing the life and times of The Last Canadian Cosmonaut.

And I will continue writing this, my newest adventure, “Dying Dann’s Adventures.”

Give thanks for the life you have been given. Things can change in a flash.


Until next time, I remain, Dann – just as I am.


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