Dying Dann’s Adventures With Death #3

Sooooo, I am still here. Defying all the odds. Slow dancing with the Grim Reaper in a burning room. (Thank you Leonard Cohen)

But, enough of that talk. Have you noticed the Number One side effect of Covid 19 virus? Even the scientists have missed it.

It is “Stupidity“. Remember I tell you this. In my 62 years and 7 months walking on this Big Blue Marble I have never seen so many stupid souls.

They have redefined “Sheeple”. They are now “Sheeple 3.0″. They are oblivious to common sense. The teenagers believe that they are indestructable. The wealthy think that their bank account is a vaccine. At least the stupid ones have their lack of knowledge as an excuse.

Rant over. I am hanging in still. I have a CT Scan next Friday. Cancer clinic on June 11th. An MRI the 29th of August. I suspect that all these appointments will change shortly after the CT Scan. Things are not going well inside me. Not well at all.

I have been procrastanating about my heart for 7 months now. Judging by my swelling I would chance to guess that I have what my generation calls, *Dropsy.”

Never had dropsy before. I fight each day to stay alive. Alive for my family, my loved ones and, of course, my beautiful fur daughters, Pringles and Ruffles.

My main reason for staying alive is that I LOVE living. I love my family too dearly to hurt them by dying.

We will have to see what happens after the tests. I will fight whatever comes my way like the true Urban Viking I am.

Till next rant…… Pray it forward People.

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