Don’t smile today Canada!

I will not say “Happy Canada Day”  – out of the deepest respect for my aboriginal wife and our children.

Don’t smile today Canada!

We should rename it National Shame Day”.

The way we have allowed our government to treat our “First” Nations people is a shame.

A serious one at that.

Don’t smile today Canada!

The key word here being “First“.

We took their land through force, deception and outright robbery.

We are the “original” immigrants.

They were BORN and developed a peaceful society here long before we arrived. Hence, the label we give to them as being “Aboriginal.”

All Aboriginal Nations have suffered by our actions.

Don’t smile today Canada.

We do not have the decency to allow them fresh water.

We force them to live as a “third world” nation in the remotest segments of their beautiful lands.

We do not have the common decency to properly investigate the hundreds,  if not thousands, of missing Indigenous woman.

All of these crimes we committed  while we were the guilty ones.

We, who invaded and settled on the prime cuts of “Their lands.”

All Canadians should be ashamed for our actions and our attitudes towards them.

And shame, tenfold, for the actions of our forefathers. 

All Canadians should be doing whatever we can to provide EVERY reserve with the bare necessities of life.

Necessities that we so openly take for granted.

Of how, right up to the 1990’s, we turned a blind eye to the attempted genocide and the murders of innocent children under the care of Catholic Church pedophiles and baby killers.

We MUST bring their standard of living up to and beyond the standards that which we are openly reaping the benefits and enjoying the rewards of.

A basic humanitarian right the First Nations people so rightfully deserve.

Don’t smile today Canada!

There is no reason whatsoever that they should be paying ridiculously inflated costs for food and the bare necessities of life.

There is no reason, whatsoever, that they should be living in homes that would be declared uninhabitable in our cities.

Don’t smile today Canada!

Instead …..

Let us hang our heads in shame and demand that our government and our individual selves do our diligent best to rectify the numerous wrongs and crimes we have inflicted upon the true original “Canadians.”

I am ashamed – very much so. I am ashamed in many ways. I ashamed that the pagan religion we forced upon them were and are nothing more than an organized gang of pedophiles and baby killers disguised as worshippers of God.

I am ashamed that we have not the common decency to treat our fellow countrymen with respect, appreciation and decency.

No ……

Don’t smile today Canada!

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