Free Your Mind

My life is made up of many short stories and life lessons learned within the dark alleyways of street universities. 

Life is black and white with gray areas surrounding a lighter shade of pale.

I am a Realist. Reality is real.

Life’s first lesson, 

“Reality bites”.

The gray areas are the subliminal, obscure classrooms of the mind.

All the knowledge we need we already know.

You are the gatekeeper of your mind and soul. The vaults of your very existence. Look deep within your subconscious mind to discover the knowledge you already know.

There lays the knowledge you need to know. There awaits more wisdoms than you could ever imagine.

Break down the bias doors of this dystopian society. Approach and learn without preset prejudices and/or malformed conclusions.

Release your beast within. Allow it to devour the logics and intelligence contained therein. A buffet of wonderous realities.

Let the melancholy sheep live the only life they shall ever know.

Remember I tell you this. For you must know. The last words you never want to know is the devastating,

“I told you so.”

Devour all knowledge. There lays no overflow.

The answers you have are the answers you need.

Allow your innermuse to introduce you to yourself.

To quote a great song,

“Free your mind. The rest will follow.”


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