Are You Aware of Who Truly Loves You?


Love. A word. An emotion. An instinct. A cause for joy. A cause for sorrow most extreme.

Love has been the first emotion and/or feeling that we humans experience. I truly believe that love begins in the womb. A bond that only mother and child can share. Others say that the love begins immediately upon birth. Motivated by the beat of the mother’s heart as a child suckles for the first time.

There is no doubt that the love between mother and child can not be matched with any other type of love.

There are many forms of love. The love we just spoke of. The love of the Father is as unique as the Mother’s. Then we have sibling love.

Family love” . The first line of the love in your life. The most important of all.

It is proven fact that those who are raised in a loving and caring environment are far more likely to become successful later in l life. Compared to those who are raised in an atmosphere lacking in care or displays of true love.

If you have no concept of what a loving childhood is how can you possibly know of living a caring, loving adulthood?

Being raised in the child welfare system or by relatives does not fulfill the want or ‘genetic instinct‘ of parental affection.

That instinct exists only within the parent. The exception to that rule defined by not only “biological” parenting, but also the caring and true love given by a surrogate or “Step” parent.

(Side note: My family have never used either “Step or Adopted” label. For we are not capable of judging ourselves by labeling.)

A parent is not necessarily biological. I was not raised by my biological parents. Neither were any of the millions of adopted children worldwide.

If a person wants to be a true paternal part of a child’s journey through life and do so without malice or ill will, the love they show will be greater than the love they keep.

Love increases as the generations pass. Each new generation adding additional strength to the familial bond. Imprinting the definition of love actual within the hearts and souls of each member of the growing clan. The more branches of the family’s tree, the stronger the devotion to and the sharing of love in it’s truest form.

Are you aware of who really loves you?

The answer to that question is “You”. Self love is an integral cog in the wheels of life.

And as many before I have said, “Love makes the world go round.

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