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So, the dreaded journey begins…..

Today is my first of three pre-ops.

I am at the North York General Hospital for the preparation for my gall bladder removal. 

Usually this is a day surgery performed via laparoscopy. But, I have never been Blessed with good luck. I have to be sliced open due to a large amount of scar tissue within. 

This coming Friday I go to yet another hospital,  Scarborough General,  for a barrage of tests and pre-op for the removal of my kidney.  

These tests include the insertion of a camera up my urinary tract.  I have been having nightmares about this one test. As I am sure anyone would.

The kidney surgery comes with a mere thirty percent chance of surviving.  

I will also find out on Friday what they intend to do about the three quarter inch blockage in my liver. Having gone through a battle with liver cancer thirteen years ago,  I have my concerns about this. 

I am still waiting to hear the game plan for my  detached ab muscle.  As far as I know this will be re- attached upon completion of the kidney removal or after they repair my liver.

It is all in the hands of the Creator’s. 

I am but a pawn in their game of thrones.

What scares me to no end is I shall be homeless when I am discharged from the hospital.  

Cut up like a Christmas goose, my fantastic son, the angry budgie and my two beautiful pups living no where’s just before Christmas.  

This is why I have lost faith in your gods. I am doomed to a life of shame and embarrassment. 

If I  survive – which my gut and five doctors feel I shall not.

I have been documented dead seven times before – I know from those experiences that there is no eighth return.

The surgeries scare me,  but homelessness will be the straw that breaks my back. 

And so I shed these tears of shame. 


Seriously Seeking Help

Last Tuesday the doctors discovered I now have a three quarters inch stone blocking the main duct from my liver to my kidneys.

They had to cancel my surgeries until they do more tests and see how serious this is.

I return to the North York General on November eight and on November eleventh to the Scarborough General Hospital for tests and pre-op.

I am praying I can save Dakota’s and my home before the surgeries.

Please, please share the Go Fund Me Campaign link with whoever and wherever you can.

It is Dakota and my only hope.

Below is the link to the GoFundMe Campaign ….

Dann and Dakota’s Plea for Help 

Go Fund Me Is My Last Hope 

As explained in my previous few blogs, my life is in a turmoil due to a series of events beyond my control. 

As a result I have had to swallow my pride and ask (pray) for help via a Go Fund Me Campaign. 

Here is the link:

Dann Verner Go Fund Me Campaign 

Please feel free to share and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so. 

I have to have this settled before November 6 or Dakota and I shall be homeless 

Heavy Weighs The Hopeless Heart

The weight that spans my shoulders weighs heavy upon my heart.

In a series of almost comedic events my life went from that of hope, peacefulness and routines,  to one of chaos,  hopelessness and fear.

I could have avoided all of this if only my building management had informed me immediately of the non-payment of my rent. By their delaying me notice until late September,  I had then accumulated August,September and October’s payment all at once.

An impossibility considering my income. 

And now I am mere days away from losing all my material possessions and the psychological trauma of being homeless with a thirteen year old son.  

I have tried all the various resources to no avail.  I am a victim of that social services hole between disability and pension.  Too young to be old and too old to be young.

Soon I must face the surgeon’s scalpel.  Not once, but at the least twice.  A kidney removal and gall bladder.

I am not strong enough to battle this battle with the lingering shadow of homelessness dangling above my soul.

I am a fifty nine year old bundle of shame and embarrassment.  

I am humbled to becoming a mere beggar – hoping for the kindness of strangers to assist me in climbing this abyss. 

So, I am left wondering,  crying and praying that a miracle comes into my life and I will not have to look my child in his  eyes and say:

“I have failed you my son.”

For with that statement my reason for being will have become dust in the winds of despair. 

I no not what to do but pray and hope.



Following is a previous blog regarding the Amanda Todd Tragedy …..

Today, March 16, 2017  –  five years after her tragic death,  a Dutch judge sentenced one of her tormentors to eleven years in prison and he still awaits trial here in Canada.

I pray he gets another eleven years. 

Here is a link to the Global News article concerning the Dutch sentence  ….. 

I offer my sincere condolences to the Todd Family and I pray that they have somehow been able to go forward in their lives without the torture such an incident can burden us with ..

This is a very sad picture of what social media and cyber bullying and our schools have become.

Being on this planet for five and a half decades now, I shall never understand what is happening to our society. We let our children dress like adults, sex is meaningless, friendships are disposable, morals are nearly non-existent, schools can no longer teach right and wrong, family life has been distracted by texting and video games, parents cannot discipline their own children in fear of losing them.

I pass by a high school four times each day and I see 13 year old girls wearing less clothing then your average stripper. I see huddles of youth smoking pot right outside the school. I am sad – sad for my sons generations and what they will experience as adults.

Did it start when teachers and parents lost their power to discipline? Or was it when we allowed the inmates to run the asylum? Maybe it was when we discarded the dining room table and replaced it with eating in front of the television? I am sad – sad for where the world is headed.

I pray Amanda is in a far better place and those who drove her to this shall feel the wrath of the Creators.

Share this – talk about this – BUT MOST OF ALL STAND UP AND SPEAK WHEN YOU SEE BULLYING> Please for all our sakes………… I have to go wipe these tears