I Miss You Jason.

I've lived over sixty years now. In my life I have met possibly four souls as pure as Jason's. I am proud that he loved and respected me almost as a father. I'm grateful and thankful that Dar Jilks crossed my celestial path and I was Blessed to watch not only Jason, but also her,... Continue Reading →


Am I Too Philosophical For Today’s Standards?

Am I too philosophical for the standards of today's society? Why do I wake up crying? Hell, I am portrayed by many to be, and I quote, "The toughest man they've ever met."   But, am I really that tough or have I just learned how to mask fright with strength. I have killed people -... Continue Reading →

Why Are We Worshipping Performers and Athletes????

Ummmm, why does anyone bother to speak to Kanye West? He's as stupid as a crackhead and married to a media whore. Society is so out of line with reality. We have placed sports and entertainment on a higher pedestal than our over five thousand various "gods" we worship here on Earth. We treat athletes... Continue Reading →

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