Dying Dann’s Video Adventures With Death #16

The Writer’s Mind is Mysteriously Deep

Yesterday. I allowed myself to Walk backwards and I allowed the words of others to swallow me into an extremely dark hole of self-pity and depression.

Cancer is a son of a bitch. From my experience it destroys the family.

I learned exactly who gave a damn about me and who  ran like I had Covid 3033 Or  worse.

I think that I may have done something stupid if not for the support of my two Living Angels, my two best friends, Terry and Maria.

They talked to me all night long. I am glad they did. I may, 75% positive, have done something stupid, had they not three way spoke with me.

I only have a handful of people I consider “friends“, others are acquaintances. This is not an abnormal situation. Everyone has their “homies“, the real friends, and their acquainted friends.

The latter being casual friends such as workmates or the cashier at the Cannibis Dispensary.


Watch “TOPCHOPPA Planky ft kelard.lyricist #manhimself #desharavers #dancehallfamily #demdead #yengbadness” on YouTube

Box Dem General

Bless up our hometown talent.

Excellent talent.


If you crave good times with fabulous rhythms and spitting truths,



In my opinion,

which I feel is top notch,………….  Planky, along side of his beautiful Queen “The Devine Leh Leh”, then add in the intangible lyrics of “Kelard” and then stir that into a blend with their troupe of 100 percent Caribbean/Canadian talents, are definitely the best I have seen in many years.

Planky & Leh Leh

These Jah Soldiers put in a tremendous amount of energy, natural talent and all that they have to offer to bring the BEST music to US.


We need to show them that the 416/905 supports and whole heartedly appreciates their craft and Class A talents.

I may be wrong, but I suspect that due to the Covid Pandemic, the troupe have little or no coin coming in.

Glancing at Planky’s Channel shows that they stepped up their studio game.

Instead of earning coin, they are “spending” coins. At such a desperate time for the music industry.


This, alone, speaks volumes as to the love of the music they produce. It speaks highly of them wanting to please their fanbase and fans soon to follow.

Studio time is more expensive than a Rosedale escort.

Show some Toronto, make that Ontario, support and appreciation by purchasing their wares.

Trust…… All musicians and live shows are living off their savings. No shows, no paycheques.

Please, SHOW respect and, perhaps, subscribe and shares .

I cannot express how important it is to rise up our support for all our hometown performers.

You may find it odd that a 62 and a half year old ex biker, old school, ummmm, shall we say, affiliated “group” member – (some call me a gangster. honest they do), has such a powerful love for Planky’s rhythms.

First off.. ..

Remember I tell you this….

I have a love for music – all music.

As long as it is “music” and has lyrics that deliver a message or tell a story.

Music is as old as time.

It drives the inner rhythm of our body and soul.

The General’s vibes will definitely get your Queen’s hips twitching. Their loins warm and their smiles from ear to ear.

Soon you will feel the Rastaman rhythm climb from your toetips to the dreadlocks upon your head.

Nine months later your Queen will more than likely gift you a Princess or Prince.

Trust, Planky’s live show delivers the musical aphrodisiac that few performers can accomplish.

I listen to all genres of music.

My love for Carribean Rasta and West Indian music originated with the great Yellowman, of course, the “King” himself, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and, of course, Beenieman.

I also have a strong addiction to the sounds of old school Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks, WuTang and Insane Clown Posse.

But. This is not about why I write about Planky.

This is to ENLIGHTEN” YOU” and introduce yourself to the Rasta Box Dem General.

Let’s step up and show these excellent entertainers how their neighbours are supporting the cause.

So, If  you are a Planky and Leh Leh Sinclair Virgin may I suggest that you begin with his iconic and epic “Box Dem General.”

I am certainly rambling now.

Planky’s fault – – – – I am trying to write this as I do my  Rasta man stomp while smoking my good night spliff.

Watch “TOPCHOPPA Planky ft kelard.lyricist #manhimself #desharavers #dancehallfamily #demdead #yengbadness” on YouTube https://youtu.be/3aFisCaGMRY

LeRuz La Rose – You Need To Know Her

This blog I published awhile back.

Now, with the launch of her web page


I felt it only proper to re-post with updates.

Okay y’all gotta listen here. A while back I had to write a blog about this Angel and her natural talent .

I told you all then that you have to know her.

From opera, Christmas , classical, modern and whatever genre there may be. Miss LeRuz La Rose puts 100% into it and makes old biker gangsters cry happy tears.

What she does for her Bronx community is beyond words.

I will let you go check her page and see the five thousand other endeavours she has.

This woman is so humble that she does not know she is a genuine Living Angel.

Which would explain why she must never sleep because she has numerous Praying It Forward shows or fundraising or something that benefits others on the go at any given time.

I get teary eyed EVERY time I watch or listen to her. Because true talent and pure hearts are my Heroin.

There is so much factory produced PERFORMERS out there.

There are but a handful of ENTERTAINERS .

Who will be the next Leonard Cohen or Ed Sheeran?

So my knowing Miss LeRuz story makes me overstand and understand that she is a true Living Angel.

I am rambling because such souls as hers are few and 50 years between. In 62 years I have discovered only one other and that was in 1999.




Our ENTERTAINERS need our support to get past the mire of reality show and factory cloned PERFORMERS.


Through a Facebook acquaintance, Carlos Colon, an excellent photographer, videographer and excellent editor, I was introduced to this divine artist.


My first taste of her work was her single “The Way I Feel“.

The video captured my attention and I found myself adding it to my daily playlist. Carlos Colon’s magic eye captured her true form and her dance mesmerized me.

Rarely these days we are Blessed to see an actual talented artist perform.

Mainstream media prefers to make coin insulting our eyes and ears with factory produced artists or senseless songs with mindless repetitive lyrics.

This video says it all! It shows her talents without her even aware of how fantastic the said talent is.

The walk through the Park, her mind on love and bliss flows evenly and then, BAM!, at 1:47 seconds in she happens across an African Drum session and out comes her natural Nubian roots and she smashes the African Dance.

Personally, I fell in love at 1:48 seconds into the video.

Miss La Ruz is talented. And she just did not pop into the scene either. She started out in her preteens writing poetry and prose and then adding music.

It is obvious the influences of her quest to be a performer came from MoTown, Jazz and a touch of the Blues. You can feel the influences of bands such as ‘The O’Jays’, ‘The Supreme’s’ and ‘Minnie Riperton‘.

Her natural dance rhythms could only have been attained from growing up as a mere child and watching her elders move to their favorite tunes. I suspect her childhood was filled with Motown and old school jazz. You can feel the impact that era of music has had within her when watching and listening to her works.

And it is “WORK’. She paid her dues via never giving up on her dream.

At one point early in her career she stepped away from performing to further her education. It was at this time she taught herself how to play the piano.

Her decision to pursue a career as a performer came after she had attended the USDAN Camp. This led to her performing as an opera singer. Again we see how multi-talented LeRuz is.

Her ability to sing all or any genre of music is a gift from the Creator’s themselves.

Listen to how natural she performs “Sanctus/Benedictus” ……

Her vocal talents are beyond definition. My past Christmas song list began with her festive covers such as this ….

In short, Miss LeRuz La Rose is a talent worth following.

I have focused on her music, but she is far more than that. She is a song writer, singer, dancer, model, fashion designer, dancer and an actress.

She was Blessed to have performed in three Amas Musical Theatre productions.

In “GODSPELL” she starred as “Sonia”.

In “FOOTLOOSE” she played “Rusty”.

And in “ON THE TOWN” she played “Ms. Turnstile”

Her stage debuts were followed with a stint in the band “Bitter Sweet”.

Unfortunately for them, she left to pursue her solo career. Signing with the legendary B-Boy Records/Boogie Down Productions in 2007.

It is not that often an artist catches my soul and she has done just that. I believe it is her diversity that attracts me the most.

I could go on and on about her performances, but jog over to YouTube and show her some love and discover for yourself.

NOW ……..

Here is a little kicker that shows the dedication and drive this young Nubian Queen has …


Yes, you read right. She has diversified herself as an entrepeneur and has co-founded a wine label.



Listen to her cover of “Minnie Riperton’s – Loving You” …

In conclusion trust when I say that rarely are there talents such as we have been gifted with by artists such as Miss LeRuz La Rose.

Here are a few more of my favorite tunes by her and following is various links to her works.

And here are a few pictures of this fabulous artist…….

Why You All Need to Listen To The Mighty Vinnie. THIS IS A RAPPER!!! THIS IS A MINSTREL!

I had previously published this under the title, “I NEED DRUGS – NOT!!!”

I am a connoisseur of real music. I am 61 years old and many are surprised at the genre of music I listen to. I do listen to all era’s of music, but my everyday is who I speak of in this ‘Walk With Dann’.

By ‘real’, I mean music in which there is lyrics that actually convey a message or story. 

Do not see much of that nowadays in this ‘so-called’ hip hop/rap genre. 

 A song is meant to convey a message or enlighten one’s  inner soul. Musician’s were and are “minstrels”. 

Minstrel defined by the dictionary as, “singer who performed songs whose lyrics told stories of different places or of existing or imaginary events. Although minstrels told their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others“.

 Who are the top few I consider minstrels? 

 Here are a few that I have mad respect for what they are speaking to the youth of today.

Ill Bill and his brother Necro

Vinnie Paz



Mr. Green





Tom Green (YES! That ‘Tom Green’ – check the O.R., udunno what I say)

So, let me show you a few examples of what I am saying ………

First video you should watch (courtesy of YouTube) is:

 Uncle Howie hears “My Uncle” for the first time  – courtesy of youtube

Here you will witness the power of the love only family can give to their own. 

As is very visible, Howie is definitely healthy and happy here. The result of his nephews love, caring and guidance. 

The lyrics speak mountains – definitely written from the heart and most definitely truthful. 

 A testimony to the realities of drug abuse and society’s darker side. A confession of the pain these nephews felt watching their Uncle suffer.

Here is the younger nephew, Necro:

His video that shows the “BEFORE” Howie:

 NECRO _ I Need Drugs     – courtesy of youtube

Recently I posted this video to my FaceBook page with this as the intro: 

 Brings tears to thine eyes – R.I.P. Uncle Howie. Dudes and Dudettes, compare Uncle Howie in this video to the one in Necro’s older brother, Ill Bill’s “My Uncle”. May the creators BLESS these lads for bringing their beloved uncle back to Earth. What a heavy load on my heart to overstand the pain they must have had to endure with the loss of such a knowledged Street Warrior to cancer after years of dancing with the dragon’s from Hell. 

Mad respect for the message’s Ill Bill and Necro and all their homies convey. 

Wish all these other so-called hip hop artist would follow their path and speak of REALNESS.”

Personally, I shed a tear everytime I listen to “Uncle Howie” for Howie, for Necro and for Ill Bill and for all of Howie’s family.

My soul becomes wrapped in the guilt of my SINS – knowing that in years long gone by, (and some close at hand), I have laid this burden upon those who loved me as much as these men love their Uncle.

What a statement to the realities of modern life in the tenements our youth are growing up in.

Ill Bill began his quest twenty-four long years ago in 1992. 



No words I may type can tell you what your eyes will overstand when you have viewed this. 

‘Nuff said. 

I cannot say who is my favorite, but right up there with Ill Bill & Necro, is Vinnie Paz & his Jedi Mind Tricks. 


Here lies another minstrel who has been spitting the truth from 1993 till this very day. 

Twenty-three years and still sending out the message!!! 

Vinnie’s messages are so deeply written in the blood of his truths. 

Listen deeply to the lyrics in such tunes as “Uncommon Valor” and – my personal favorite “I, Who Have Nothing”. I play it every morning along with Ill Bill’s “My Uncle” to remind me of the life I have and am living.

Listen to what this song conveys, “I, who have nothing, but the comfort of my sins.”  DEEP!!!!! 

I, Who Have Nothing  – courtesy of youtube

To keep this blog from becoming a complex full length documentary, I will not break down and example all the above listed true artists.

This ‘Walk With Dann’ is only to say that I wish all musicians would get back to being MINSTRELS. 

For, if they could, then maybe, just maybe, one other soul would not have to sing about their Uncle, their life in the swamps of the Southern States, their lives in the swamps of Detroit or New York or Texas or Toronto. 

Overstand me now?

Bring the minstrel back to the music. 

Bring the stories back to the public. 

Drop all this bullshit about “Money, Weed & Hoes”. 

“Imagine” a world where “all the people could live as one’ – where “you may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one” 

(Thank you John Lennon for embedding this within the confines of my mind)

I leave you now with a quote from a beautiful  Yelawolf/Ed Sheeran collaboration:


“I’ll be coming up when the Sun goes down. Rolling like a rock till I hit the ground. Running from the Lord cause I can’t be found. Only MY God can track me down”


I Wish These Youth Could Get The Message Contained Within My Life Experiences

The weapon violence in Toronto is beyond belief.

Youth shooting each other.

Gang conflicts.

Just today, a woman driving in the downtown area gets in an argument with a pedestrian, stops her car, opens her trunk and whips out a shotgun and fires. She hit her intended target and a man going by on a bicycle.

Who drives around with a shotgun in their trunk?

This is the type of insanity I speak of in almost all my books.

In both my fictional autobiography series, “WALK WITH DANN COLLECTION” and my “WALKING ON DAWES COLLECTION.”

My focus being on the hard truths that come from a life of crime, drugs, weapons and gangs.

I show how no matter who you think you are or how clever a criminal you conceive yourself to be, sooner or later it all ends bad. Karma and Chaos always prevail.

I wish that somehow these misguided and waste youth could read my life and stories and see the message I pass along. To see how my own life has been a half century of remorse.