One Song With A Powerful Message

Y'all be a wee bit younger than I, but y'all could learn from the lyrics in Steppenwolf 's "The Pusher". Read and learn ...... The Pusher Steppenwolf You know I've smoked a lot of grass O'Lord, I've popped a lot of pills But I mever touched nothin' That my spirit could kill You know, I've... Continue Reading →


Old School HipHop Still Lives

One of the best tracks of this century right here. Makes me think of better days in a better world. #pacewon #mrgreen #SobersEddwinn @Pace Won @Mr.Green This drop makes you go all the way back to when music was music Pace Won and Mr. Green "Who I Am" Official Video: And here's proof that... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from “BOON”, Volume 3 in my “Walk With Dann Collection”

Looking back I realized that I do have idiotic moments. Like the drunken cowboy in a bad Western movie who shoots himself in the foot during a gunfight. If you look at any era of my lives you will see I shot myself in the foot often. Now, I was an old, weathered biker with... Continue Reading →

I Heard A Real Song Once

I have written regarding modern day mainstream rap "music" before. I will never understand why any of us would purchase any of these untalented, over tattooed, illiterate criminals so called "music" . Check this video out and tell me if this is properly labelled as "music" ..... Tekashi69 "gummo" (Video  courtesy  of YouTube) That's human????... Continue Reading →

​I don't understand why these idiots are lacing the heroin with Fentanyl. If anything sell it "seperate".  But, the "pushers", (they aren't 'dealers'), are just looking to make coin - cut the product with everything and anything.  They don't have a clue what they are doing because they DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE LIVES... Continue Reading →


​So, once again my beautiful Irish Guardian Angel, Sheena Eve has touched me.  As most you know, I have had nine various surgeries and invasive procedures since last November.  Many of these for very painful implantations or removal of said implants. This past Friday I had two stents and two ungodly long drainage tubes removed.... Continue Reading →


I am dumbfounded by my fellow Canadians and how they will not band together to get these Liberal traitorous Islamic sympathizers out of office. We Canadians are famous for our passive attitudes. Unfortunately,  it will be our downfall.  In my fifty-nine years and seven months of living, I have never been so ashamed of our... Continue Reading →

Is this not “treason”????

What the frack is wrong with all of us????  This Quebecois Traitorous Bastard has to go!!!!! Is this not "treason"???? Trudeau should have his citizenship revoked and be deported back to his native village in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Fracking TRAITOR! !!!!!! Quoted from the article ..... "The rationale for Trudeau’s platitude that a “Canadian... Continue Reading →

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