One Song With A Powerful Message

Y'all be a wee bit younger than I, but y'all could learn from the lyrics in Steppenwolf 's "The Pusher". Read and learn ...... The Pusher Steppenwolf You know I've smoked a lot of grass O'Lord, I've popped a lot of pills But I mever touched nothin' That my spirit could kill You know, I've... Continue Reading →


Old School HipHop Still Lives

One of the best tracks of this century right here. Makes me think of better days in a better world. #pacewon #mrgreen #SobersEddwinn @Pace Won @Mr.Green This drop makes you go all the way back to when music was music Pace Won and Mr. Green "Who I Am" Official Video: And here's proof that... Continue Reading →

I Heard A Real Song Once

I have written regarding modern day mainstream rap "music" before. I will never understand why any of us would purchase any of these untalented, over tattooed, illiterate criminals so called "music" . Check this video out and tell me if this is properly labelled as "music" ..... Tekashi69 "gummo" (Video  courtesy  of YouTube) That's human????... Continue Reading →

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