I Miss You Jason.

I've lived over sixty years now. In my life I have met possibly four souls as pure as Jason's. I am proud that he loved and respected me almost as a father. I'm grateful and thankful that Dar Jilks crossed my celestial path and I was Blessed to watch not only Jason, but also her,... Continue Reading →


Sunday Morning With My Bitches

So here we are, Sunday morning. I shall not attend a conventional 'Crystal " palace and allow someone with good intentions preace the silence of those lambs with me. That's not how I roll or 'role'. For in our lifetimes we are cast into many roles. My prayers are said behind recessed doors deep within... Continue Reading →

LightHouse Books On Amazon

My puppies are out of treats. Their only hope is if I sell some of my books. Please help these treatless sister puppies get their just rewards. E-Books for Canadian's available at: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s?k=Lighthouse+Verner Paperback/e-book editions for all countries at: amazon.com/author/lighthouseverner Look, look at their sad faces .....

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