America’s Got Talent “Courtney Hadwin”

This thirteen year old shy youth blew my mind when she started singing. In this world where main stream music is quite literally mindless garbage promoting sex and thug life it is so refreshing to see a true talented artist like Courtney Hadwin. I literally cried happy tears for this "Singer" - as did almost... Continue Reading →


One Song With A Powerful Message

Y'all be a wee bit younger than I, but y'all could learn from the lyrics in Steppenwolf 's "The Pusher". Read and learn ...... The Pusher Steppenwolf You know I've smoked a lot of grass O'Lord, I've popped a lot of pills But I mever touched nothin' That my spirit could kill You know, I've... Continue Reading →


And Steve made me remember that their was artists like ..... Flatt & Scruggs ... And damn it if that didn't make me discover artist like The Dead South ... Frackers made me happy - knowing that in Hades I will be good company ... 'Nuff said, you already know. Now, this lead to me... Continue Reading →

Old School HipHop Still Lives

One of the best tracks of this century right here. Makes me think of better days in a better world. #pacewon #mrgreen #SobersEddwinn @Pace Won @Mr.Green This drop makes you go all the way back to when music was music Pace Won and Mr. Green "Who I Am" Official Video: And here's proof that... Continue Reading →

The Last Canadian Cosmonaut 

Well,  after the learning process of writing my "Walk With Dann Collection" I have now published my first completely fictional work. Totally another direction than my previous works. Another genre. Where does a tale begin or end? Scholars would say between the covers of novels. Not truth. The tale begins in the confines of the... Continue Reading →

I Heard A Real Song Once

I have written regarding modern day mainstream rap "music" before. I will never understand why any of us would purchase any of these untalented, over tattooed, illiterate criminals so called "music" . Check this video out and tell me if this is properly labelled as "music" ..... Tekashi69 "gummo" (Video  courtesy  of YouTube) That's human????... Continue Reading →

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