I Miss You Jason.

I've lived over sixty years now. In my life I have met possibly four souls as pure as Jason's. I am proud that he loved and respected me almost as a father. I'm grateful and thankful that Dar Jilks crossed my celestial path and I was Blessed to watch not only Jason, but also her,... Continue Reading →


The Gun Violence is Sickening (Edited)

The gun violence in Toronto is sickening. And there has been many incidents this year. Unfortunately, we still have a little over six months left. The latest gunfire happened today. These low-life gangster pieces of crap walked into a PLAYGROUND full of eleven children and fired seven shots. The puke cowards hit a five and... Continue Reading →

As The Chapters Turn, So Does The Days Of My Life

If you were to compare my first book "DAMAGED" to my soon to be published, "6315", the third volume of my Walking On Dawes Collection, I am positive you would see a large difference in all aspects of my books. My "Walk With Dann Collection" first three volumes are full of mistakes. MISTAKES AND ERRORS... Continue Reading →

Time To Read – Time For Thought

I look to Valhalla for direction. I'm an original Urban Viking and the Last Canadian Cosmonaut. Buy my books - you'll understand. Check them out via'Goodreads.com' and 'Amazon/Kindle' E-Books available at https://amazon.ca Paperbacks @ amazon.com/author/lighthouseverner #StarvingAuthors #goodreadsauthorlighthousedannverner #lighthousedannverner

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