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Blessed is the man who has friendship at hand.

Here is Episode 21.

Few, if any, of my blogs, articles or Vlogs are scripted.

Life isn’t scripted.

Well, if it is, it should no longer be.

I fly on a wing, a nut and a Prayer.

I am sure that is obvious.

Have a great Friday People.

It is Friday.

The real one is .

I fact checked.

I didn’t ask any squirrels. You can’t trust a squirrel.

I found a chipmunk behind the dumpster.
You cannot go wrong with a Chippy.

This one is a reliable little dude.

If he says that it’s Friday, then I believe.

Even if it feels like Monday _

Dying Dann’s Adventures With Death #13

Am I the sum of my fears?

If this is the truth, then I must discover what those “fears” are.

The Sum of My Subliminal Fears

Are they my obvious fears or are they subliminal ones? The latter being the most dangerous of all. For they are the ones that took me a lifetime to supress.

My heart says I fear not many things. My instincts say that I am lying through my false teeth.

Why do we supress feelings of any sort? Is it geneticly implanted or is it just a “learned” behaviour?

My opinion is that we fear the unknown.

When confronted with our fear we automatically withdraw. Some of us will do so in order to “fall back and regroup”. These are the wise souls.

Others withdraw and bury their emotions deeply into their subconscious. Especially those with preexisting anxiety disorders. They are trapped by their inability to verbalize their behaviour. Their fear causing paralysis. Mentally and physically.

Like the false smiles we often wear to hide our pains and confusions. A mask to hide the fact that we do not know what to or how to seek relief and consolation from our mindset.

False Smiles on Cloudy Days

My “everyday fears” include my greatest fear – Drowning. During my youth I had a very close call with drowning when a foster father put six of us in a jetboat built for two. No life jackets. When he spun the engine to full throttle the craft dove straight down instead of the expected hydroplaning. Luckily I survived. One of the other foster children did not.

So, here we have a fear that can easily be dealt with. Simply stay away from the situations that may put me in the danger of drowning. Yet, even with this solution, I will still encounter times where getting on a boat will be a necessity.

That surpressed fright will surface so fast that anyone within eyesight will be able to say, “That dude is scared crapless.”

Which will make my second most fear come to surface. The fear of people knowing that I am not the “fearless tough guy” they all thought me to be.

I fear the fear of fearing more than anything else.

So, I ask you this, “What fear are you suppressing the most?

What sadness are you hiding behind blue eyes?

I will come back to this topic at a later date. I want to fall back and regroup my thoughts and then I will be able to expose my deepest dreams and fears. Be they nightmares or like something out of Carlos Castanedas “The Art of Dreaming”.

Well, maybe more of a clip from Anthony Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange.”

Yes, yes, yes. Definitely a Clockwork Orange is a prime example of what is live streaming within the chasms of my eccentric and ecclectic mind.

I will visit my subconscious vault and see what I can discover and what I am surpressing.Deep thoughts .

Deep thoughts take a long shovel to unearth. In my case I may need a large bore mining drill to reach the depths of my inner being.

Should I Upgrade My Blog To Include Vlogs???, Tell me, Tell Me Do

To change or not to change

I am a dinosaur when it comes to blogging. Been at it since the birth of the Internet. 1982 – 1983 era.

For the viewing pleasure of all you beautiful Ladies

Mind you I will never give up writing. Beit my blog, Facebook, Instagram or my WordPress site.

You can only imagine the feelings I go through when I write about a topic that engages thought and opinions of others.

I am a knowledge junkie. I MUST have at least 100 bits of information to feed my mind at any point in time.

Knowledge withdrawals are not something any soul should experience.

Walk With Dann

Dying Dann’s Adventures With Death #5

Some people just wait for the rightly worded post to give them a chance to run their opinions.

By doing so, show their own prejudices and attitudes.

All lives do matter.

I agree with BLM that this is their time to rise.


There are a few people, often uneducated or graduates of Facebook University, who can cause the pot to be stirred in the wrong direction.

They use the same campaign every post they “invade“.

I have seen and have been the victim of the same police brutality.

As soon as they see the tattoos and long hair out comes the guns, in shaking hands.

Yes, statistically, the higher majority are Black men and women.

But, the reality is, that it should not happen to any person. Regardless of race or religion.

If you study and research past history, you shall see that statistically it is being poor and living in an impoverished neighbourhood that sits upon the throne of society’s issues.

That it is the actual Number One Problem.

I have had brothers shot, by the police, in public, in the middle of the day with many witnesses.

No one spoke a word concerning it.

No one marched or if there were a march, it was more than likely their family and a handful of their friends.

I have seen, too many times, Natives, male and female, beaten beyond recognition and then driven to the outskirts of town in minus 30 degrees weather.

Left to die in the cold and in the most inhuman matter you could imagine.

“Many of which are now on Missing Persons posters, by the way.”

No one organised a march.

Study the statistics and you shall see that the Indigenous people of all of North America have been plagued with constant racism.

Far more than the violence, racism and abuse that the Irish and Black slaves endured during the birth of both Canada and the USA.

There have been far more Indigenous deaths by the police and way more missing Indigenous females then Black, Brown and Caucasian combined.

I agree with BLM that this is their time to rise.

But, that attitude is definitely feeding into the trap the “Powers Who Be”, our governments, have set before us.

Causing us to have discernment amongst our rank and file.

Like children arguing over who was first in line at the ice cream truck, only to turn around and find the ice cream truck had left.

Having no time for their non- unified confusion.

It makes little sense who gets the rewards first as long as the goal is reached.

What matters is whether or not the message has been received.

We cannot address such significant issues with Jerry Springer chaos and attitudes.

Yet, even knowing this and knowing the trap was set, we repeatedly march in beating the same song. Waving the same placards.

Now, this old LightHouse would like you to imagine this…….

What if we stop using the Prejudicial attitudes that focus on the political “flavour” of the day?

We all get ourselves a sign that says “Lives Matter” and then march to the main headquarters of our various governments demanding change and reforms.

Then, and only then, will we be one voice in many languages.

Imagine that!

The key for a march to achieve it’s goal is to not leave until “goal” and targeted results have been guaranteed.

That, indeed, the “Wheels of Change” are in motion.

Stay on their doorstep.

Stay as long as it takes to start the “Engines of Change” .

Bearing in mind that your cause will not succeed nor happen overnight.

Stay until the “promisesare made and the cause has legal and political representation within the system.

Presently, we are many voices with many messages.

The higher powers that be are infamously known to have little or no ability to process more than one matter at a time.

We still come knocking on many of their doors in a chaotic but systematic manner.

Leaving them to wonder which door, if any, they should answer.

Knowing that we have attempted this numerous times before.

One of the most important being the BLM movement.

Of this, you will find no argument from me.

We can and are focusing on the deaths and systematic racisms blacks face each and every day of their lives.

I have a strong rooted conviction to their cause.

For just reason.

Having lived on my own since the age of 12 meant I was beyond poverty and I spent most of my youth living in the impoverished neighbourhoods.

In layman’s terms, I lived in the ghetto because I was poor, had long hair and tattoos.

In my time of youth, that made me exist on the same playing field as the blacks, browns, yellows and the Indigenous.

Marches will never change anything until the participating members are of all races and religions with one unified and IDENTICAL goal.

Until we all hold that same placard saying, “Lives Matter”.

I pray that all of you have the same goal in mind.

I pray that goal is “peace”.

They are winning while we are arguing over which sign to hold up.

Perhaps we should lose the signs all together.

They, The Powers That Be, Already Know Why We Are Marching.

What we need to do is march to our various destinations and stay till the battle is won.

And, no matter what, no violence or destruction of properties.

(Actions like that add higher burning fuel to an already out of control existing fire.)

Always bearing in mind that we are slowly evolving creatures.

That change will not happen overnight.

In reality it will take decades, perhaps even centuries for this necessary change to happen.

Hopefully it will be “peace”.

For peace is the main goal.

Is it not?

If we are all true to our cause, then we must stay focused and have a devoted patience, for we have many miles to go before we see the candle in the windows.

So sayeth The LightHouse Verner on this beautiful Sunday evening.


Old Man With The ‘C’

With every one hunkered down due to the Covid 19 pandemic I figured we all have time to read.

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