Time To Take Out The Trash

Those who know me, not 'of' me, understand what I am about to write.............. I have broken nine of the Ten Commandments as determined by the Holy Book of Catholicism.  I have never committed "Adultery".  At least I can truthfully admit that. Every meth, heroin and crack cocaine dealer should be charged with attempted murder.  No exceptions.  Non... Continue Reading →



Exhaustion is not only a physical affliction. Succumbing to mental exhaustion is often misconstrued as "Depression". Although they are often hand in hand, they are two separate and stand alone maladies.  I am very emotional and generally, 'mentally' done.  I am 'tired'.  I am very 'tired'. It is to the extreme whereas I could easily... Continue Reading →

I Heard A Real Song Once

I have written regarding modern day mainstream rap "music" before. I will never understand why any of us would purchase any of these untalented, over tattooed, illiterate criminals so called "music" . Check this video out and tell me if this is properly labelled as "music" ..... Tekashi69 "gummo" (Video  courtesy  of YouTube) That's human????... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Angels and Queens

"Love" is often discussed.   Occasionally practised. Rarely experienced.  In this age of mankind, the word 'love' is as overly used as an asthma inhaler.  Often rapidly fabricated to express non-existent truths so as phallic gratifications may be reached. I never knew of 'love" as a child. I believed in 'sexual love' as a youth.... Continue Reading →

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