Time for Books

Bless for the mention. Much appreciated. https://paper.li/namitatiwari/1504879359#/


“Letgo” selling app is ridiculous

So, I had an ad on "Letgo" for a set of speakers I was selling. Today I get this notification from Letgo saying I am violating a copyright. Check the picture below. Well, if Letgo doesn't take down every ad with the products manufacters name then I was targeted for other reasons. Ridiculous! !!! Here's... Continue Reading →

Kudos to Ontario Premier Doug Ford For Telling Dopehead Trudeau The Facts

Big kudos to Premier Doug Ford for telling Trudeau the truth. It is Justin Trudeau's fault that our hostels and shelters are full and we are facing an "affordable housing" crisis. It was Trudope who invited everyone to enter Canada illegally. It was because of the surge of refugees that landlords raised the rents to... Continue Reading →

I Wish These Youth Could Get The Message Contained Within My Life Experiences

The weapon violence in Toronto is beyond belief. Youth shooting each other. Gang conflicts. Just today, a woman driving in the downtown area gets in an argument with a pedestrian, stops her car, opens her trunk and whips out a shotgun and fires. She hit her intended target and a man going by on a... Continue Reading →

Time To Reclaim Toronto not just To Reclaim Toronto’s Previous Motto, “TORONTO, THE GOOD”

No sense me adding the current news links ... all the same. Since I published this there has been multiple shootings and "no suspects". VERY SAD WHAT TORONTO HAS BECOME. I was writing the blog below about Toronto having three murders in less than a day and BAM!!!! This news pops up .. Just happened... Continue Reading →

Kudos to Toronto’s Best Mayor, John Tory

Big kudos to Toronto's best mayor, @JohnTory - I totally agree that it is time to look at how our Justice and Court systems hand out bail so damn easily to repeat offenders. Caught with a weapon? Sit and wait for trial. #JohnTory #LightHousedannverner Check out @LightHouseDann’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/LightHouseDann/status/1013549940797296640?s=09

When Is Canada Going To Strengthen It’s Gun Laws

Again today some asshole gangster shot THREE people in broad daylight at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Toronto. May I add that they did so with little regard for the innocent bystanders. Meanwhile on the west side of our once "good" city another teenager was found shot. He lays in a hospital in... Continue Reading →

Meine Bücher Erklärt

Erlaube mir, dich auf eine Reise in die verdrehte, aufgewühlte Leere meines inneren Ichs mitzunehmen. Aus diesem Grund habe ich vor all diesen Jahren angefangen zu bloggen. Ich werde immer bloggen. Ich werde immer eine Meinung oder einen Gedanken haben und ich bin stolz auf meine Überzeugungen. Blogging brachte mich dazu, mein Leben lang den... Continue Reading →

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