Friendship,  a wonderful thing to share.

26 days I shall turn 60.

Sixty years of various “friendship” encounters. 

Some great, some fake, (well, many ‘fake’), some loving and a few ‘treasured’

Fake friends are part of daily social rituals.  

They teach us the nature of beasts.  The moral and immoral attitudes of everyday people. 

The ‘pleasant‘ friendship with the proprietor of the local neighborhood corner store is an excellent example of one type of friend.

The ‘loving’ friendship is pleasant, but painful. 

Few of us ‘live happier ever after’ with our first loves. The ‘childhood’ sweetheart. 

Many my age were robbed of obtaining ‘lifelong’ friends.

This due to the changing  of times during the fifties and, definitely,  the sixties.  

A time of Nomadic exploration that often led to resettlement far from native homes.

I have a mere handful of friends from my youth. 

Separated by over forty years of absence from my hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick. 

Now, but acquantices via social media sites. The world with no borders.

FN 60 – Freaking Near 60

I would estimate I have at least two hundred, likely more, ‘acquaintances‘ in my present neighborhood.  

This due to my very social demeanor and willingness to speak and share conversation with people.  

Out of that large group, I have the Blessing of knowing and labelling five as my ‘close’ and ‘dear‘ friends.

The person or persons you know you can discuss ANY topic with. 

Hold these people dearly and true to your heart. They are a gift straight from your own personal  Jesus

My ex-wife Blessed me with three sons. 

The eldest being 37, the second is 26 and the baby is now 14.

The two older boys suffered by our constantly moving around the city. They were unfortunately bounced from school to various schools. 

Robbing them of forming lifelong bonds with their schoolmates. 

Our youngest has attended the same school from kindergarten to his graduation from grade eight at last year’s end.  

Forming lifelong bonds with many of his peers.

This past week he began his journey into high school, accompanied by many of the above mentioned mates.

Blessed with taking life strides accompanied by his peers.

My oldest lay victim to having teenage parents who were ‘winging it’ through parenting via trial and errors. 

Many relocations with many chaotic times.

Our twenty six year old had it the most difficult.  

Plagued with a school system that could not nor would not deal with his 142 IQ at the age of six.

A life of Hell and mismanagement.  

Numerous psychological evaluations. 

More school programs and institutions then I care to count.

Leaving him scarred and barren of childhood friends. No long term bonds at all.

The youngest son will definitely succeed in life. 

He knows ‘stability’ and ‘structure’. The pillars of a proper stance in today’s society.

Blessed knowing that many decades from now he shall still call the same faces “friend“.

A statement that says so much.

I leave you now, till next time you come “WALK WITH DANN”.


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I am turning 60 this coming October the fifth.  

Six of your manmade decades.


What is time?”

There be many theories regarding it. 

Many interpretations of existence of measured moments.

I believe in our existence on this plain of space/time continuum. 

We are here. 

We will ascend.

We begin passing as soon as we inhale our first birth breathe.

Death“, as we believe it, is inevitably a certain fact.

Our lifespan is pre-measured. 

We are birthed and we will ascend.


Maybe even this day. 

Society measures time to control the masses. 

Subliminal controlled behaviour to corral the people. 

Night time is for rest, relaxation and mating rituals.

That is, unless you must work so as society does not  tumble into disarray. 

Daytime is for employment, subliminal slavery and serving the elitist government cronies. 

All this measured and metered by a “calendar”. Whose first day falls upon the death of a “Messiah“.  Numerous faiths share this calendar, yet, others measure from the earliest recordings of their said “faith”.

“I cannot be party to a measured,  metered or structured guideline for life and it’s  existence.”

I am simply “mature”. 

No longer a suckling adolescent. 

No longer a “youth” awkwardly stumbling through puberty. 

Some say I am a “man”.

(True story – I Googled it.)

My belongings are old, my knowledge is ancient and my life experience is constantly expanding over new horizons. 

I have not wore a timepiece in twenty or more years. 

Normally I do not carry a cellular device. 

I usually have no clue as to what “time” it is by your learned mind.

I do know I “exist”, now, back then and, perhaps, tomorrow. 

By constantly observing time you are subconsciously “counting down” your days.


Although my life is currently chaotic,  I exist with the comfort of watching the rising Sun and enjoying the rising Moon. 

I do not recognize this as a day, but, rather another of the Blessings of Yahuwah and an honourable position as a LightHouse – a Watchman in a  modern day Tower of Faith.

Hineni, my Lord.

When my existence in this continuum fades, my Ascension to the Final Light begins. 

So …..


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