To the WORLD I offer my apology Trudeau may cause to or in your homelands

Following is a letter I have sent to my country's so-called "Leader". It is self-explanatory.   To the WORLD, on behalf of my fellow Canadians I offer my apology for what the actions of Trudeau may cause to or in your homelands.   Please feel free to copy and send this if you so desire.... Continue Reading →



I'm  a man who cannot comprehend what is happening in my once beautiful nation. I'm a man who cannot comprehend why the lawns of Parliament Hill are not full of citizens saying, "ENOUGH". Why are we allowing an obvious incompetent, spoiled, rich and stoned child  (in a big boys body) to destroy all that makes... Continue Reading →


I am dumbfounded by my fellow Canadians and how they will not band together to get these Liberal traitorous Islamic sympathizers out of office. We Canadians are famous for our passive attitudes. Unfortunately,  it will be our downfall.  In my fifty-nine years and seven months of living, I have never been so ashamed of our... Continue Reading →

Is this not “treason”????

What the frack is wrong with all of us????  This Quebecois Traitorous Bastard has to go!!!!! Is this not "treason"???? Trudeau should have his citizenship revoked and be deported back to his native village in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Fracking TRAITOR! !!!!!! Quoted from the article ..... "The rationale for Trudeau’s platitude that a “Canadian... Continue Reading →

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