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I Shall Not Die Again 

Half the problem with fearing death is that we forget the other half is fearing LIFE. 

Have no fears – be a beacon of Light to show others there is always another side of things.

I have been legally dead seven times and on my 8th life now. 

I’m no pussy by far, so I pray the Hairy Thunderer, Cosmic Muffin or whoever you believe your Creator’s to be will allow me to have 9 lives.

Until then I remain,  Dann – just as I am 

So sayeth The LightHouse



So, touchy subject, ‘SUICIDE’ – I do believe you all may have heard of this quirky little characteristic you humans have.

This evening, after a few accidental shots of good old Wray & Nephew combined with the cancer meds, my lust for kush weed and the newly acquired pneumonia meds. (Yes folks on top of everything else I now have pneumonia – I had a different one in the sixties behind the high school – she spelt her name”Knew Moanforya – just saying)

Ok, come on here – damn – suicide is a serious thing!!!!!!

I know this as fact – I actually did kill myself before and was brought back by two burly EMS angels and a divine misconception or maybe intervention.’ 

 You can read briefly about it in my previously published : “I COMMITTED SUICIDE ONCE”

Now, what brought me to sit and dance on these keys this fine evening was a video I observed on the ever addictive FaceF*ck, I mean FaceBook. I actually, no homo, cried my heart out while watching this confession of a fellow suicidal depressed soul. YES! I actually bawled for I am man enough to tell you straight up – I KILLED myself once and the only thing that actually died was my family, my marriage, my dignity and my children’s childhood. No family can ever recover from such a traumatic life changing event. And my marriage and my family of 32 years dissolved into a BALL OF GRADE A 1 DIS-FUNCTIONALITY.

This is the video I speak of:


Watch it! Overstand it!

Read my previous blog or call me _ I will talk with you.

BUT …. and I mean, “BUT” ….. if you or you are aware of someone who is contemplating offing themselves, please show them that there are souls who still love, hearts that still care and people who ARE there.

We all have demons – and sometimes, every now and then those demons get the upper hand. 

My name is LightHouse Dann, or Shakie, or Unkz or just plain old Dann. You need to talk to someone who has experience seven deaths, including one real suicide – you need to speak to someone who can relate – well – you email me at lighthousedannverner@gmail.com – send me your digits or I will send you mine or if you are more comfortable we can do email.

Suicide does not KILL your pain – it creates more by KILLING your most loved ones.

I am here – “Come, Walk With Dann”.

I love you all.






Sometimes we live.


Sometimes we die.


Sometimes we give.


Sometimes we cry.



Sometimes we stand to live.


Sometimes we sit to die.


Eight times I did live.


Seven times I did die.



This time I live and worry.


This time I stand and pray.


This time from Death I scurry.


This time I wish for a new day.



Today I ponder.


Today I shake.


Today I wonder…….. does my soul they “take”.


It is to be decided by your Gods,

and Shake.