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The Sparkle of an Angelic Soul

You will have lived a Blessed life if you are fortunate enough to have known at least one true friend’s love.

I have been overly Blessed.

In my lifetimes of learning, chaos, peace, violence, love, hurt, guns and rock & roll I acquired a few such souls.

True friendship. Never a doubt.

Each one taught me love and worth.

Each one SAVED my life at some point.

When my dear Irish Queen, Sheena Eve, ascended I lost faith in the Biblical version of your god.

There lay no logic in her forced ascension.

She was needed here still. Not for only my own selfishness, but for her clients of her professional and devoted career.

I have attended over thirty funerals of friends, Brothers and family.

So many that I now no longer attend funerals.

I am not even going to my own funeral. I donated my physical being to science.

Sheena’s ascension affected me like none other.

Perhaps it is due to the loving care she and my dear friend Victoria Chapman showered me with as they stayed with me 24/7 as I cold turkey went off the doctor prescribed Oxycontin and Fentanyl.


I would be dead if not for Victoria’s “BodyTalk” treatments and Sheena’s outright truthful Irish wisdoms.

I’m crying now. I will always have tears for her.

My Favorite Photo – Her Sparkle Flows

I am puzzled as to why Sheena Eve’s ascension has bothered me like no other.

More than even my Mother’s murder.

In all honesty, I am crying my heart out as I write. The tears puddling over my heart to quell the hurt.

I cannot speak her name, reflect on a memory or set my eyes upon her picture without shedding tears.

And I understand but do not understand why so many tears.

Her Beauty Has Many Faces

I do know I miss her.


Having my LightHouse ‘gift’ is a Blessing and a curse.

It is entertaining to see dead people in a movie.

It is an acquired skill to see, feel and speak to those who have been Blessed with their final eighth ascension to the Eternal Space/Time Continuum.

I am fortunate to still have Sheena Eve in my daily life.

A Blessing I only wish I could share with her family and our friends.

Sparkle on my friend, sparkle on

My cheeks are aching from holding back these tears, so I will close this now and bawl my heart out.

They will be tears of joy for having shared friendship with you, Sheena Eve.

My heart is full of your Light and protection as you “Walk With Dann”. on this my final “Walk”.

And I welcome the day we sit at the round with love and raise our tankards high and give an Irish cheer.

Till then, yes, I will cry.

Bless be we who shared friendship with you

“Is it any surprise that as I press “publish” Pink Floyd’s “How I Wish You Were Here” starts playing???? Thank you Sheena Eve, thank you.”


Valhalla is Blessed to Have You There

Blessed I am to have shared time with you.

I still cry every morning, I still cry every night.

I will never wipe these tears – they remind me you were once here.

My Beautiful Irish Guardian Angel

Everyday, Every Minute, I Cry

I cried for you today Sheena Eve. I will cry everyday till I sit at the round with you once again.

I will not wipe these tears. They will burn their way to my heart.

They are happy tears for I have the joy of knowing you.

The Tears Still Flow

I was becoming lost in my sorrows,

till I realized you will be watching over me all my tomorrows.

I cry every time I glance at your picture.

I cry when I say your name.

Without your physical presence,
My life is not the same.

I am crying again Sheena Eve
Tears of the joy of calling you “Friend”.

I’ll not wipe these tears away,
Here they shall lay.
Day upon day.

(I cried so many tears. So many. I shall never overstand nor understand why the Creators took you. I will cry till I sit in Valhalla at the round and we speak again.)

Death Is Not The End

I have cried my tears for you today.

I’ll shed more tomorrow.

Tears of the joy of calling you friend.

And of knowing your ascension was not the end.

I miss you Sheena Eve.
I miss your truths.

I miss you Sheena Eve.
For your words led me back to my roots.

I will cry each day,
A different way.

And in my heart,
You shall forever stay.

And when my time of Ascension arrives,

For at the round, you shall sit by my side.

And we will raise our glass high in the air,

And thank the Gods that we are there.

And my tears will fall that one last time,

For the sins of my past are erased from the mind.

I miss you my friend,

As I have missed no other.

Sad to admit,

Greater than my Mother.

Heaven exists in the minds of man,

In poetry and the tales of time.

Yet, you exist on the celestial plain.

Sparkling in the Light it gave.

So for now I’ll wipe away these tears,

And remember days of past years.

I await the day we do embrace,

For then I shall know,

I won this race.