LeRuz La Rose – You Need To Know Her

This blog I published awhile back.

Now, with the launch of her web page


I felt it only proper to re-post with updates.

Okay y’all gotta listen here. A while back I had to write a blog about this Angel and her natural talent .

I told you all then that you have to know her.

From opera, Christmas , classical, modern and whatever genre there may be. Miss LeRuz La Rose puts 100% into it and makes old biker gangsters cry happy tears.

What she does for her Bronx community is beyond words.

I will let you go check her page and see the five thousand other endeavours she has.

This woman is so humble that she does not know she is a genuine Living Angel.

Which would explain why she must never sleep because she has numerous Praying It Forward shows or fundraising or something that benefits others on the go at any given time.

I get teary eyed EVERY time I watch or listen to her. Because true talent and pure hearts are my Heroin.

There is so much factory produced PERFORMERS out there.

There are but a handful of ENTERTAINERS .

Who will be the next Leonard Cohen or Ed Sheeran?

So my knowing Miss LeRuz story makes me overstand and understand that she is a true Living Angel.

I am rambling because such souls as hers are few and 50 years between. In 62 years I have discovered only one other and that was in 1999.




Our ENTERTAINERS need our support to get past the mire of reality show and factory cloned PERFORMERS.


Through a Facebook acquaintance, Carlos Colon, an excellent photographer, videographer and excellent editor, I was introduced to this divine artist.


My first taste of her work was her single “The Way I Feel“.

The video captured my attention and I found myself adding it to my daily playlist. Carlos Colon’s magic eye captured her true form and her dance mesmerized me.

Rarely these days we are Blessed to see an actual talented artist perform.

Mainstream media prefers to make coin insulting our eyes and ears with factory produced artists or senseless songs with mindless repetitive lyrics.

This video says it all! It shows her talents without her even aware of how fantastic the said talent is.

The walk through the Park, her mind on love and bliss flows evenly and then, BAM!, at 1:47 seconds in she happens across an African Drum session and out comes her natural Nubian roots and she smashes the African Dance.

Personally, I fell in love at 1:48 seconds into the video.

Miss La Ruz is talented. And she just did not pop into the scene either. She started out in her preteens writing poetry and prose and then adding music.

It is obvious the influences of her quest to be a performer came from MoTown, Jazz and a touch of the Blues. You can feel the influences of bands such as ‘The O’Jays’, ‘The Supreme’s’ and ‘Minnie Riperton‘.

Her natural dance rhythms could only have been attained from growing up as a mere child and watching her elders move to their favorite tunes. I suspect her childhood was filled with Motown and old school jazz. You can feel the impact that era of music has had within her when watching and listening to her works.

And it is “WORK’. She paid her dues via never giving up on her dream.

At one point early in her career she stepped away from performing to further her education. It was at this time she taught herself how to play the piano.

Her decision to pursue a career as a performer came after she had attended the USDAN Camp. This led to her performing as an opera singer. Again we see how multi-talented LeRuz is.

Her ability to sing all or any genre of music is a gift from the Creator’s themselves.

Listen to how natural she performs “Sanctus/Benedictus” ……

Her vocal talents are beyond definition. My past Christmas song list began with her festive covers such as this ….

In short, Miss LeRuz La Rose is a talent worth following.

I have focused on her music, but she is far more than that. She is a song writer, singer, dancer, model, fashion designer, dancer and an actress.

She was Blessed to have performed in three Amas Musical Theatre productions.

In “GODSPELL” she starred as “Sonia”.

In “FOOTLOOSE” she played “Rusty”.

And in “ON THE TOWN” she played “Ms. Turnstile”

Her stage debuts were followed with a stint in the band “Bitter Sweet”.

Unfortunately for them, she left to pursue her solo career. Signing with the legendary B-Boy Records/Boogie Down Productions in 2007.

It is not that often an artist catches my soul and she has done just that. I believe it is her diversity that attracts me the most.

I could go on and on about her performances, but jog over to YouTube and show her some love and discover for yourself.

NOW ……..

Here is a little kicker that shows the dedication and drive this young Nubian Queen has …


Yes, you read right. She has diversified herself as an entrepeneur and has co-founded a wine label.



Listen to her cover of “Minnie Riperton’s – Loving You” …

In conclusion trust when I say that rarely are there talents such as we have been gifted with by artists such as Miss LeRuz La Rose.

Here are a few more of my favorite tunes by her and following is various links to her works.

And here are a few pictures of this fabulous artist…….

Who I Am

I am ‘LightHouse Dann Verner’.

2018-06-13 141894308174..jpeg

A man who some say has lived many tragic lives.

The first decade of my life I had lived in thirty-two homes. None of which I ever spoke the words, “Mom or Dad”. Only “Mister or Misses”.

I started my ‘Walks’ at the age of ten fighting the monsters in my head. The demons were winning for many years.

I left my siblings Father’s house at the age of twelve to join a hippie commune and learned how to be a Heroin addict.

I have never slept in my father or mothers house since that day.

That was over fifty years ago.

Foster care, jails, pain, sorrow and addiction were my childhood friends. My playgrounds were the streets.My rocking horse a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Finally I was rescued via an arrest. Rescued from certain death.

Next was real life recovery. ‘Cold turkey’ style in Dorchester Federal Penitentiary.

Where, after many years, I finally found “ME”.

I have never gone back to jail since my release in 1981.


The powers that be Blessed me with three sons and many other “sons and daughters” that wandered into my life from broken homes.

I still have demons but I have learned to live with them. I can never undo the pains and sorrow I inflicted on my family and others.

But, I can stand as a man and take responsibility and hopefully be a better man and role model for those who are in my life.

I started blogging in 2002. It was a release of the demons within.

The blogging led to my becoming an author.

TLCC (2)

The author led to my wanting the world to know who I was and who I achieve to become.

I write my books for me and my inner persona’s.

For the reader, I tell my stories.

If my story changes but one life, then I have succeeded.


I paid a high price for my actions. Lost my childhood, my teens and yet I hold my head high for,

I am ‘Dann’, just as I am.

And so it is that I am ……..

So, come, Walk With Dann.

There Is A Difference Between Decriminalizing And Legalization Of Drug Possession

There is a difference between decriminalizing and legalization of ‘simple’ drug possession.

Yet, many drug addicts will misinterpret decriminalization as legalization.  Because, face it, many street level drug addicts are numb to reality and often have perception problems in the area’s of law and societal tolerances.

Get as mad as you wish – I have a half century of being a drug user. I have been a heroin addict, a speed freak, a pothead and I have ventured through Electric Lady Land via LSD. I have been a user, a small time dealer and at times a major player in the import/export side of the criminal avenues of hardcore drug trafficking.

In July, 2001 Portugal “decriminalized” personal use drug possession. These changes did not legalize drug use. What the Law did was basically change the penalty so that a simple drug possession charge will not leave you with a criminal record that could come back to haunt you later in life.


They treat possession and use of small quantities of these drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal one. Authorities don’t arrest anyone found holding what’s considered less than a 10-day supply of an illicit drug — a gram of heroin, ecstasy, or amphetamine, two grams of cocaine, or 25 grams of cannabis. Offenders receive a citation and are ordered to appear before so- called “dissuasion panels” made up of legal, social, and psychological experts. Key word being “dissuasion”. They use all available avenues to dissuade drug use.

They are not simply left to walk away free with their drugs. Often the citation results in aversion therapy. Ranging from motivational counseling to opiate substitution therapy. Repeat offenders are not permitted to continuously destroy their lives. They are offered help via medical and psychological drug counselling professionals. This is followed up and enforced.

The combination of the law, social and health services is what has made their model a success.

Now, here in Canada we have begun to seriously look at this model. But, is Canada ready for the implementation of such?

I do not believe so. Not yet. There has to be a nationwide agreed upon policy in place before it is implemented.

Look at how the decriminalization of marijuana is already becoming problematic and it has not been legalized yet.

The legalization of marijuana is being RUSHED into effect on October 17, 2018 to boaster the failing Trudeau government statistics and hopefully obtain re-election by once again obtaining the youth, idiots and criminal vote. Even though the provincial governments are saying they are not ready yet. Even though the Police associations are saying they are not ready yet. Even though the country will have ten or more different approaches and methods of dealing with such as no two provinces are using the same models.

One is left to wonder why Canadians are so quick to jump on the obvious Trudeau “Oh look, I am such a modern political leader” train with little knowledge or outlook to what will happen further down the road.

But, in Trudeau’s defense – my fellow countrymen did vote him  because he had nice hair, promised legalization and jumped on the LGBT bandwagon while claiming to be a feminist supporter. (Disregard the 18 year old allegation of sexual assault and/or misconduct that he apologized for, but claims he did nothing wrong because he cannot remember doing it. Yet, he took immediate action towards his own cabinet members accused of less a sexual allegation. Just saying.)

I am dumbfounded by the Canadian authorities not building a nation wide model for Marijuana Decriminalization based on the success of Colorado’s successful legalization. Colorado did not jump into the swimming pool fully clothed and drown from the weight of soaked clothing. They carefully and  meticulously debated and researched until they had a universal plan accepted by the majority of their citizens.

If we Canadian citizens do not soon open up our eyes and mouths then soon all the monkeys will be running our zoo. Tim Horton coffee shop gatherings of bitchy seniors and bar room debates do not inform the powers to be as to what the citizens desire and demand.

Canadians will gather by the hundreds to protest the leader of another country, yet, gather by the mere tens to protest that which is destroying our Canadian ways of life and our values.


So sayeth The LightHouse Dann Verner on this the 16th day of July, 2018.

Get The First Volume of my Walk With Dann Collection Free in ebook Format

OK Kiddies,

From April 24th until April 28th you can get a copy of my first book “DAMAGED” from my “Walk With Dann Collection” in eBook format via my author page on Amazon Kindle.




“DAMAGED” begins at my birth and takes you on the journey through the first quarter of my life.
Here’s a tidbit of what you will find …………

“The first decade of my life I had lived in thirty-two homes. None of which I ever spoke the words, “Mom or Dad”. Only “Mister or Misses”.

I started my ‘Walks’ at the age of ten fighting the monsters in my head. The demons were winning for many years.

I left my siblings Father’s house at the age of twelve to join a hippie commune and learned how to be a Heroin addict.

I have never slept in my father or mothers house since that day.

That was over fifty years ago.

Foster care, jails, pain, sorrow and addiction were my childhood friends. My playgrounds were the streets.My rocking horse a Harley Davidson motorcycle.”

I hope you enjoy and follow up with “BANE” and “BOON” – the next two in the collection.

I am currently writing “UNKZ – A CANADIAN COSMONAUT” which shall be the final book in the series.


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A Preview of the Final Volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”

“This is the final volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”.

It will wrap up with the fourth segment of my life. It shall show how the paths and choices I made in my life brought me the penance and punishments that came attached. It will reveal how I “walked” many roads and how they molded me into the person I have become.”


Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 4

Final Volume
1st Edition


LightHouse Dann Verner


There are deeply complicated thoughts that haunt you, when you well know you are insane.

Insane by their standard.

I believe I am just Dann, just as I am.

I am not like others.

I am not them.

I am me.

Yet, there are multiple “me’s”.

And they are all I can or should be.

As the previous confessions of my life told within my first work, “Damaged, tells, I am, ‘broken

Began at birth.

Blue baby.

Unplanned child.

Unwanted but wanted.

And left to die before I had lived.

Only my deepest consciousness knows what I have experienced.

To keep my spirit alive my mind vaulted those days far in the depths of the encrypted memories.

Never to be re-lived.

Never to scar my soul once more.

Now, I am soon to be sixty-one years old and it is time for me to end this “Walk With Dann Collection” with this, my final volume.

To give closure to the three previous quarters of my numerous lives.

I am not soon to ascend.

But, my Walk With Dann Collection must contain a sincere final volume of my most innermost beliefs and thoughts.

For I cannot author them after I reach my own personal concept of Valhalla.

A final confession of both my rights and my wrongs.

I will utter exact truths, I will hold no quarter from exposing who I have become in the final quarter of a Canadian Cosmonaut’s life.

My life has been no different than yours.

My strife, my loves, my sorrows, my learning and my battlefield are far different than yours.

I present to you ………….

Unkz, A Canadian Cosmonaut”

Walk With Dann Collection,

Volume 4,

Final Edition


LightHouse Dann Verner