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How any true Canadian can even think of defending ANYTHING the Liberals are doing or already have done baffles me. Selling Canada by the pound to the enemies.  

I am ashamed at my fellow countrymen for sitting on their asses and allowing this schizophrenic undercover Islamic sympathizer to change our values and ways just to appease “refugees”. 

Think about it this way – these “refugees” arrive here with paperwork issued by someone in their homeland – we have to take it at face value that the said paperwork is accurate. But,  their homeland is full of corruption and chaos.  

Anyone with a half decent printer could have produced the papers. 

Which leads us to wonder why the majority of the “refugees” are males between 19 and 45 years old.

Just a coincidence that they are the same  age as most soldiers.     ???

Wouldn’t it be women,  children, injured or elderly that would be seeking safe harbours while the young males stay to defend their country?

If this idiot Prime Monster Trudeau has already told every Muslim in the world that they are welcome here,  then why are they crossing over illegally? 

Oh wait, the RCMP has already told us that more than half have criminal records. 

All this tells me that they are HIDING something .


Think about it – all they have to do is cross legally at the border and claim refuge from the evil President  Trump. But, they would rather risk life and limb crossing ILLEGALLY.  

I may be wrong but if you are committing a crime by sneaking into my homeland then you are a CRIMINAL. 

But, us Canadians are fracking pacifists and blinded by our peacefulness and trust.

 And this will be our downfall – you all see what is happening in Europe and what has been happening in THEIR homelands and yet you all defend them and actually INVITE them here.

And give them priority over our own homeless,  disabled and such.

Personally, I am presently homeless due to a financial disaster and I am offended at my government giving housing to them that was originally DESIGNATED for our poor and homeless.

And,  remember I tell you this,  it shall end very bad.

Trudeau should be drug tested and his mental health should be looked into. The boy is not right – or he is hiding an agenda from us that will only benefit his shady “friends” and himself.  

We all know what his father was and we definitely know that he could care less about any of us who are not from Quebec.

Unless we all stand together and demand he steps down we are doomed to eventually having a major terrorist attack.

Remember I tell you this  ……

So sayeth the LightHouse Dann Verner



I recently saw a post on the evil Facebook whereas a Muslim was defending the actions of the extremists, such as Isis or the Taliban, by saying it is only a few Muslims who have that idealogy. And he said the said ‘few’ were not terrorizing the world.

He stated that the ‘good’ Muslims are fleeing their country (I could not find ‘Islam’ on my globe  – I believe it may have been hidden behind ‘Heaven’, ‘Hell’ or, maybe ‘Valhalla’), to escape the radicals also. 

This baffled me due to the fact that over a billion ‘good’ Muslims would rather ‘flee’ than weed out the supposedly ‘few’ radicals. 

Here is the response I offered to this man:

The few “extremists” are responsible for thousands of MURDERS – so why are not your peaceful Muslim congregations dealing with the extremists?  Why are you,  yourselves,  fleeing from  your homes and thusly bringing their violence to the rest of the world?  

If you would clean up your own backyards then the rest of us would not have to suffer. 

Your religion is based (like many religions are) on the rantings of a man who claims to have spoken to “Allah” directly. Much the same as most religious books and faiths are based on. 

I once saw God, in 1969,  but then my LSD  wore off. Go into any mental asylum any where on this once beautiful planet and you will find three people who think they are Jesus, or Allah or Buddha. 

If I were to sit with them and document their stories we would have another “holy” book and yet another “religion” to add to the five thousand plus “religions” us humans already have.  

Amazingly,  each “religion” states their God is the only God. 

If we, as a modern society could get past our barbaric and ritualistic need to worship false idols and learn to worship the creation of this big blue marble and appreciate all the wonders of this world, well, maybe, just maybe, we could end all these wars and metropolitan terrorism.

My, my, I believe I just described the beliefs of the First Nations and many other Aboriginal races.  Give thanks to what we call ‘Mother Nature’ and worship the beauty of life. 

Having been dead and revived seven times now, I can truly tell you all – this violence, division and segregation isn’t worth destroying the world over.  

There are no gates to Valhalla,  nor a bunch of virgins (which again proves Mohammed was just an insane pedophile) or a Heaven or Hell. 

There is an after life – but it comes once you have paid your penance for the lifestyle you chose here in this space/time continuum. 



But, I would rather wake in the morning, smile at the Sun, breathe in the morning breeze, wiggle my toes in the grass and bask in the Light of Life.

So sayeth The LightHouse Dann Verner on this, the twenty eighth day of March, 2017. 


Society,  especially all this politically correct shit, is so screwed up.  

That insurgent would not hesitate to kill your child or blow up your local shopping mall. 

Marines are the first on the ground and the last to leave. These poor souls see and have to do things no person should have to.

All these bleeding hearts forget that we are fighting an ENEMY.   And  none of these politically correct people would have the balls to defend their country.  

Maybe I am too old school, but I was always led to believe that people kill each other when at war. 

How anyone can want this man in prison for serving his country and defending our freedoms baffles me. 

Especially,  with what has already happened in France and England.  

I fear that Canada is soon to discover what these goat rapers are capable of.  

We should just nuke them and get on with the next war. Because there shall always be a “next” war. It’s in our human nature to be aggressive towards anyone who is not like us. 

Free this poor soul – he never should have been locked up to begin with.



The last thing any Muslim extremists should see.