The Original Hippie or Perhaps, “Has Anyone Seen My Prophet? “

This blog I originally published 10 years ago.

My views and beliefs are still somewhat the same.

Since what I have been through in the last three months my Faith has grown much stronger.

What I am trying to convey here is that how do we identify a “prophet”?

A false prophet is easily discovered, but how in today’s society would we be able to recognize a true prophet. For all we know we may have the real one locked up in an institution with the numerous false ones.

Or he/her cold be hiding their identity until society learns to stop killing each other in the name of “religion”.

I truly believe that Jesus existed and was somehow able to communicate with the Creator. I believe he was very intelligent and far ahead of his time .

You have to keep in mind that in his time ninety percent of man were uneducated, illiterate and still worshipping false idols.

Could a charismatic, educated man be capable of influencing followers? Hell, yes most certainly.

Jesus could have been an alien or the last brilliant mind to come from Atlantis for all we really know.

Why we’re the first 14 books of the Bible removed by “religious” leaders of the day?

There is a great difference between being a religious follower and a true believer of faith.

All the “Holy Books” of that time had to be written in simple language form so as the average citizen could understand the messages.

Our genetic need to be the best and only one who knows what is truth has misconstrued what Jesus was sent to teach us.

But, we murdered him because, firstly, he was right and secondly, he was far too charismatic and thereby a threat to all religions .

So, here we had this poor soul traveling the world trying to enlighten society on the ten Commandments and teach us how to live peaceful and meaningful lives.

We returned the favor by killing him in the name of religion .

There have been many more “true prophets” since Jesus. But, modern day “religion” has been able to make us disbelievers of truth so as Faith does not interfere with the big money game we have labeled “Religion”.

Because we have not evolved much since Jesus’s time .

Which leaves us wondering, as I state below, “Who is the Jesus of this time period?

Originally published in July 2009 in my site ……….

The Original Hippie

I was recently asked if I believed in Jesus Christ.

What anxiety this raised within me – it was though I had been waiting for some soul to ask me this deep question.

Here is my mindset on this controversial topic.

I definitely believe in Jesus.

I believe he walked upon this big blue marble.

I believe he spread the words of the Creators.

I believe he was a man who was ahead of his time in the area’s of logic, societal disposition and culture.

Jesus was a man.

I do NOT believe he was the SON OF GOD. (Where is Mrs. God?)

Whoa, now I have stepped into it……, here I go…………..

Jesus was a Prophet.

Jesus was a peaceful, gentle scholar who wished only to make an immature society overstand the reality of spiritualism and human reality.

Jesus was the original Hippie.

Jesus was born at the wrong time.

Jesus was persecuted for his overstanding of what this plain of existence was, is and shall be.

In the rock opera, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the title song asks the question, “Why did you choose such a backward time in such a backward land?”. Did he choose? Or was that what the Creators decided was necessary for the plain of space/time continuum in this particular multiverse?

Jesus was a soul man.

Through all time, through all plains of reality and through all seven multi-universes there has been Prophets. Be it Jesus, Siddhartha, Gandhi, Aristotle or John Lennon, makes no nevermind – they are just the vessel. The message is always the same. To quote Led Zeppelin, “The Song Remains The Same”.

Jesus was the father of the peace, love, forgiveness and unity movements.



I think way too much.  

It’s an infliction of having a caged intelligence. 

I have spent most of my adult years wondering what spiritual complexity suits my needs the most.  

What manmade misconstrued concept shares my beliefs and can “Walk With Dann“, whilst holding true to MY  belief.

Having been raised by the army boots and coporal punishment of leather straps by Roman Catholic Nuns, the “Brown Shirts” of a man  THEY  call ‘POPE’, I hold no Catholicism in my heart.

I went through my ‘dark‘ years believing that I ‘believed‘ in no man conceived ‘ONE GOD, ONE RELIGION‘.

Many years ago I authored “JESUS WAS THE ORIGINAL HIPPIE”.(


Most Holy Scriptures concentrate on what took place after the Crucifixion of this gentle man. 

Much is written in various languages and religions of his teachings.

Much is written about the Apostles and THEIR’ interpretation  of HIS life.

I asked myself many a time, “Who walked with The Son Of God before He encountered the Twelve?”.

Who were HIS first believers? Who were HIS priors – HIS first confidents?

Yes, I am an Irish R.C. by birth. A Rotten Catholic for sure.

Judaism slightly impressed my curious desires. But, alas, it also held too many hypocrital chapters for me to cross over and circumcision was out if the question.

Islamic so-called “faiths” are obviously NOT my cup of tea. 

With that said, I shout out to all religion’s,  “Knock not my door with your “THY SHALL NOT KILL, UNLESS IT IS IN MY NAME “. 

I recall no chapters telling me to kill non-believers.

From reading the various, actually NUMEROUS, rewrites of the Bible, dabbling into the Torah and laughing at the ridiculously unbelievable Qur’an, I was left to believe that perhaps J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings” could easily be scratched from the Earth many centuries from now and believed to be truth. 

For the majority of Holy Books are,  to me, a collection of fairy like tales of man.

For many a year I believed I was a man who held no belief other than that of minstrels such as John Lennon and”Give Peace A Chance”. Add a little “Imagine” combined with George Harrison’s “All Things Must Past” and that defined my interpretation. 

My seven times dead helped me understand “FAITH”.

I finally learned the difference between ‘faith’ and ‘religion’.

It was then I realized I was a man who had no religion. 


Recently I had a Facebook Brother, who had read my WordPress blog,  ask if I were “Natsarim“. 

And,  ever since, I query myself each day, “Am I  Natsarim?”

I am exploring this now – deeply. 

Perhaps during one of my seven past existence’s I  walked the path of gentleness, truth and peaceful teachings.

Perhaps I have always believed in such a HOLY and PRECIOUS manifestation of that which differentiates “SHAKE” from “LightHouse“.

As “SHAKE” I broke nine of ten Commandments.

As “LIGHTHOUSE” I have strode to make amends with my many faced god and paid an extremely self brutalizing penance for my sins. 

Much like a virtual ‘Flagellent‘ performing  mortification of my flesh with an extreme whipping of my troubled soul.

I am researching and digesting Natsarim.

Is it coincidental that after my first return from death and the visitation to the self documented ‘SEVEN PATHS, SEVEN CHOICES’ , I finally realized the meaning of ‘FAITH VS RELIGION’?

NATSARITH (natsar, the root) hence means ‘watchtower’, and ‘NATSARIM’ are ‘WATCHMEN’.”

Is not a ‘watchtower’ a mere landlocked ‘lighthouse’

Thereby stating a keeper of a lighthouse is actually a “watchman”?

I will not complicate this piece with once again detailing my SEVEN returns from my SEVEN deaths. How each time I had the choice of SEVEN pathways. If you wish,  go to my archived published writings and teach your soul.

I am awaiting my gift of ‘TZITZIT‘ from my newly found inspirational friend and I shall use them in conjunction with a proper prayer covering.

And I shall bathe in the solace of prayer and isolated belief as I search out a suitable Temple of Knowledge and school myself in the TRUE ways of becoming a bonafide Natsarim

After all,  I have already walked with the ‘Greater Being’ and have been foretold of this ‘Time of Man’.

And, as I have asked before,  “WHO IS THE PROPHET OF NOW?”