An Excerpt From “UNKZ – A Canadian Cosmonaut”

Here is a tidbit from the final and fourth volume of my "Walk With Dann Collection". It will wrap up the Walk with me through my lives. Giving you an insight as to who I became after the first three quarters of my life. I made the choice, willingly, to abandon the family lifestyle, to... Continue Reading →


Am I Too Philosophical For Today’s Standards?

Am I too philosophical for the standards of today's society? Why do I wake up crying? Hell, I am portrayed by many to be, and I quote, "The toughest man they've ever met."   But, am I really that tough or have I just learned how to mask fright with strength. I have killed people -... Continue Reading →

A Preview of the Final Volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”

"This is the final volume of my "Walk With Dann Collection". It will wrap up with the fourth segment of my life. It shall show how the paths and choices I made in my life brought me the penance and punishments that came attached. It will reveal how I "walked" many roads and how they... Continue Reading →

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