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Am I Finally Broken, Never To Be Repaired?

I am lost.

I am all alone in a crowded world.

A cold world for sure.

It’s not like it was during my youth.

Society has changed. The people haven’t, but their ‘society‘ has.

So, I am left to ask you, the total stranger, am I finally broken, never to be repaired?

I blame most my demise on the era I went through my puberty in.

That sliver of time between the 1950’s and it’s gospel /bluegrass/country & Western musically influenced attitude and the 1960’s Dawning of Aquarius/LSD/Frank Zappa cultural shock era.

I embraced the latter lifestyle tightly. I still do to this day. Peace, Love & Hippie Dope – the artist eccentricity creating chaos in my heart.

My choice to bear the weight being a vagabond twelve year old hippie nomad led me into a world where feelings were real and emotions ran free. Everything was black and white.

It is what it is. Never sugar coat reality.

I was always partaking in one or more exploratory excursions into the expanded conciseness mindset.

The artist within me caused an eccentric side. I loved too honestly. I angered too deep. I was a nonconformist.

I was walking counterclockwise in a clockwise world.

My analytical side over examined all and everything within my realm of life.

The ten years of chasing Her Majesty, The Black Dragon, across her tinfoil highway did not help.

I have lived over six decades so far.

My life, or lives, has/have taken five autobiographical books thus far to enlighten ‘others‘.

I certainly have not lived a ‘normal‘ set of lives.

In a confessional way you could say that I have lived a tragic and chaotic youth.

Yet, from these sixty-one year old clouded eyes, I would confess from my standpoint that I merely ‘lived’ my life.

No one sees their life as it is perceived through the eyes of others.

“What is my greatest regret? you ask.”


I was a liar, cheat, thief, punk, gangster and killer in ALL aspects of all my lives – EXCEPT WHEN IT CAME TO LOVING SOMEONE.

I can go to Helheim or Valhalla knowing that in the matter of love, I was devoted one hundred percent into staying faithful, loving truly, madly, deeply and I never held back from confessing my love to my beloved.


A falsehood created by overthinking and over loving.

I only had a few true loves in my life.

All of which I dove heart first into.

My eccentric artist side painted fairytale portraits of family bliss on the canvas of my emotions.

My first true love being my teenage sweetheart of eight years.

She destroyed my heart by giving away my first born son and then cutting her own throat. Causing herself severe, irreversible brain damage, while I sat in the discomfort of Her Majesty’s Super Maximum Penitentiary.

The nerve of me to pay my debt to society!!!

Then there was my first wife.

I paid her mother fifty dollars for her.

True story.

Six weeks later we were legally married.

To each other.

Eight months later we were divorced.

From each other.

My Mother being horrifically murdered was more than her snitty self could handle.

I loved thinking we had been in love.

Number three lasted thirty-two years.

It was true love. No lie.

It became tainted by my rebel ways, my eccentric behavior and my constantly venturing into the Dark side.

This led to our growing apart from our original selves.

Not to say we didn’t have a good run.

We had many, many good years.

In today’s world it takes but one or two bad years to bury thirty good ones.

Unfortunately, my becoming a victim of a tragic industrial crippling accident was the catalyst of a ripple effect that ripped our family apart.

Our love for each other lost in the typhoon of modern life.

Again, the artist within had painted many a lifescape and my hands molded sculptures of everlasting bliss.

This lay cause to becoming greatly damaged emotionally upon the marriage disolution.

Then came my greatest and most cherished love. I am so deeply in love with her that I hurt.

I believe she strongly loves me, also.

But, she cannot express or confess the trueness of her love. She is robbed of enjoying the escasty and bliss of being truly loved. It was stolen by her being the victim of an expert manipulation of a Narcissistic Meth Head.

His brainwashing cut deep wounds across this beautiful soul’s heart.

My artistic eccentricity is causing me to self destruct. I have been living in a self potraited fantasy of living the rest of my life wrapped in the warmth of loving only her.

And she is brainwashed into believing and living in the shadows of fear planted by a sick excuse of a man.

My heart is hers – I call her “Mi Corazon” – for she is my heart. Each beat whispers her name.

I am trapped in my desires to be her man so badly that I cry.

I have to love her one hundred percent.

I am hurting myself loving her.

She is not capable of dropping her past abuses and allowing true love into her life.

A life she would honestly enjoy. If only she were capable of accepting affection.

I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

And I cry at the minimum of twelve hours per day.

Not over dying of cancer.

I cry because the kind soul buried deep within me cannot find the resources to show my truest love how to allow herself to be loved truly and faithfully.

I do not wish to die knowing she will live her life afterwards full of unretractable regrets.

She deserves a far better life than she has ever known.

I have earned my chance to finally be a real man and love the way love is portrayed to be.

Am I living a fantasy brought forth by the eccentric hippie attitude within?


The Tears Still Flow

I was becoming lost in my sorrows,

till I realized you will be watching over me all my tomorrows.

I cry every time I glance at your picture.

I cry when I say your name.

Without your physical presence,
My life is not the same.

I am crying again Sheena Eve
Tears of the joy of calling you “Friend”.

I’ll not wipe these tears away,
Here they shall lay.
Day upon day.

(I cried so many tears. So many. I shall never overstand nor understand why the Creators took you. I will cry till I sit in Valhalla at the round and we speak again.)


I stand for jujubes – jujube lives matter.

Everything else IS A LIE.

Illuminati has you fooled.

You are sheep.

(Accepting all and any donations of black licorice and/or assorted jujubes. LightHouse Dan Verner, Toronto, Ontario, M4B 2G6)

“Look up, way up and I’ll call Rusty”

Un Mes Sin Ti

La extraño, mi fuego, mi Amor de mi Corazón.

Ella se ha ido a un retiro. Un muy necesario “su” tiempo. Un tiempo para meditar y sanar.

La extraño en este momento.

Y los momentos antes.

Mañana la extrañaré mucho, mucho más.

Esta pequeña leona española que adoro.

Estoy orgulloso de que valientemente se tomó esta vez.

Ella regresará nuevamente y se alineará nuevamente.

Con la bien ganada paz de las tensiones liberadas.

Sin embargo, la extraño. La extraño profundamente.

Está en mi corazón su amor que guardo.

Ella sabe que siempre estoy a su lado.

La severidad de mi amor que nunca podría ocultar.

Dormiré esta noche y soñaré que ella está a mi lado.

Te amo Mi Fuego

A Month Without You

I am missing her, mi fuego, mi Amor de mi Corazon.

She has gone on a retreat. A much needed “her” time. A time to meditate and heal.

I miss her this moment.

And the moments before.

Tomorrow I’ll miss her far, far more.

This petite Spanish Lioness that I adore.

I am proud she bravely took this time.

She shall return anew and re-aligned.

With the well earned peace of tensions released.

Yet, I miss her. I miss her deep.

It is in my heart her love I keep.

She knows I am always by her side.

The severity of my love I could never hide.

I will sleep tonight and dream she is by my side.

I love you Mi Fuego

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Daily Prayer, Daily Tears

My Beautiful Irish Guardian Angel

And in the morning she reached down from Valhalla and touched our souls so we could soothe each other’s fears.

And now I cry my morning tears for I wish she were right here.

Everyday I cry, everyday I will cry. And everyday I ask, “Why?”.

The tears trickle down to my heart and pool into an ocean of happy sorrow, for I know I’ll see you once again come the ‘morrow.

Death Is Not The End

I have cried my tears for you today.

I’ll shed more tomorrow.

Tears of the joy of calling you friend.

And of knowing your ascension was not the end.

I miss you Sheena Eve.
I miss your truths.

I miss you Sheena Eve.
For your words led me back to my roots.

I will cry each day,
A different way.

And in my heart,
You shall forever stay.

And when my time of Ascension arrives,

For at the round, you shall sit by my side.

And we will raise our glass high in the air,

And thank the Gods that we are there.

And my tears will fall that one last time,

For the sins of my past are erased from the mind.

I miss you my friend,

As I have missed no other.

Sad to admit,

Greater than my Mother.

Heaven exists in the minds of man,

In poetry and the tales of time.

Yet, you exist on the celestial plain.

Sparkling in the Light it gave.

So for now I’ll wipe away these tears,

And remember days of past years.

I await the day we do embrace,

For then I shall know,

I won this race.

Friday’s Emotion

The man with no eyes sees more than we.

The woman with no ears hears songs we cannot believe.

The person who knows not love, loves greater than thee.

Those with no voice speak wiser than me.

Wanders have set roots while we wander free.

A world self centred serves no purpose to me.

To the WORLD I offer my apology Trudeau may cause to or in your homelands

Following is a letter I have sent to my country’s so-called “Leader”. It is self-explanatory.


To the WORLD, on behalf of my fellow Canadians I offer my apology for what the actions of Trudeau may cause to or in your homelands.


Please feel free to copy and send this if you so desire.


There is a large difference between helping refugees and REFORMING EXTREMISTS!!!!

Mr. Prime Minister,
First off, let me state that YOU are extremely ‘Anti-Canadian’.
Secondly, with your love for these Islamic extremist you have made our country a laughing stock worldwide.
Thirdly, my baby brother gave a quarter of a century – over half his life, to protect his fellow countrymen from the same people you are embracing.
Fourthly, if you want to rule as a Socialist under the guise as a ‘Liberal’ then please go to Cuba and carry on the twisted ideals of your father and mother’s good friend Fidel Castro.
Fifthly, you make me ashamed to be Canadian.
There is far more to serving the citizens who you WORK for than legalizing marijuana and globetrotting at our expense claiming to fight the good fight for gender confusion, women’s rights and preaching how we should “embrace” the very people who would/will imprison or execute us for not following their so-called religion.
What do you suppose will happen to citizens like your mother if Sharia Law comes into effect?
Just the picture of her from Club 54 with no underwear would get her stoned – and not in the marijuana way.
All these LGBTQ groups you did blatantly support would be beheaded and/or tortured.
Personally, I would definitely be imprisoned and tortured for my beliefs.
You, Sir, are not representing the majority of Canadians, but rather the minority who have taken hold of the mainstream media and drowned out the silent majority.
If you have any democratic sensibilities then you would call an election.
The Liberal Party ideologies and your instilled Socialism taught to you by your parents, Castro and the Quebecois is NOT the Canadian way.
A utopian world will never exist in our lifetimes or for many lifetimes to come. Human nature has not evolved enough for this to be a reality in any form other than box office movies and good novels.
Everyone but YOU, can see a serious 9/11 attack coming to Canada or, worse, to our neighbours via Canada.
Which, the latter, will have great repercussions for all of us.
In conclusion, I have attached An open letter of which I totally agree with.
Daniel Verner
An open letter to Justin Trudeau.
The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau.
Prime Minister of Canada.
Office of the Prime Minister.
80 Wellington Street Ottawa,
Email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc<mailto:justin.trudeau@parl.gc>. ca
Prime Minister,
In light of your recent decision to rehabilitate returning ISIS terrorists. I believe I speak for the vast majority of Canadians when I say that this idea is utter lunacy.
This on top of your bewildering decision to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million dollars.
Maybe the Americans did treat him badly. Maybe he deserved it.
Maybe his rights under Canadian law were violated. Mr. Prime Minister if ever there was a case for use of the Not With Standing Clause Omar Khadr is it.
Cases like his are the reason we have a Not With Standing Clause.
Now you want to bring home ISIS fighters and somehow fix them.
We have veterans in this country that gave their very limbs, not to mention their psychological well being fighting to stop terrorist organizations like ISIS.
Now you are going to bring these people back to live and work next to them. Are you freaking nuts!!
What an insult. And all those that took their final ride down the Highway of Heros. They gave their lives!
These rehabilitation programs you plan for your travelling terrorists will no doubt consist millions of dollars in housing, training, health and education opportunities.
All while our veterans, our seniors and less fortunate go without.
Prime Minister do you know what you get when you sober up a drunken horse thief?
A sober horse thief.
These people are irredeemable. They cannot be reformed.
All you are going to get from these programs are warm healthy well educated terrorists. A snake is a snake!
I and countless other hard working tax payers in this country have no doubt that we are going to wake one morning to find that one or more of these deviants has committed some sort of barbaric act resulting in deaths
of dozens and the maiming of hundreds.
It will change this country forever.
Prime Minister don’t be a damn fool
I believe I echo the sentiment of millions when I say that this is too important an issue to leave up to you and your government to decide. You are asking Canadians
to bet their very lives that your rehab ideas will work.
It is our children that could end up blown to bits in some shopping mall.
This is real Prime Minister you do have the right to make any proposal you like, no matter how stupid.
Some things however need to be decided by the Canadian people
If you insist on pushing forward with these plans then it must be put to a vote.
Canadians demand that you call an election immediately to decide the fate of you
government and whether you should have the right to push forward with your ISIS programs and other policies regarding Islamist extremism in this country.
Canadians want an election right now!!!
Daniel Verner
Very Concerned Citizen
And here is a little something that will make you go, “Hmmmmmmmmm”.