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Be a Lover Not a Liar.

I died the day I started to live.

I lived the day after I died.

Sounds strange. This I know.

What is death to you?

I won’t get into the details of my times experiencing death. I have wrote many blogs and a few books concerning that.

Death changed my perspective of life. It brought a sacred logic to the way I look at everyday existence.

Life became more precious and at the same time became lackadaisical. It is black and white with gray areas.

The gray areas are what defines our quality of life.

Wander too far into the gray and you may become trapped in a lightless world.

All living life requires ‘light’.

The greatest thing I have learned in my 61 years is that life without ‘Light’ can never be enjoyable.

Modern society has become so automated and stressful that the average soul only ‘exists’. They are alive but not living.

Love has become a mere word. It is spoken too freely. It has become almost meaningless to many.

Love is a word I speak ONLY when I truly mean it. If I tell you that I love you then I mean my heart, my soul and my whole existence loves you.

This is a simple but very deep message.

Don’t lie about loving and for God’s sake don’t love lying.

Do not play god with the hearts of others. No person has the right to destroy another person’s life.

Never ever cheat on a partner you have told you love. For by doing so you become a soulless liar.

Be a lover not a liar.

Let’s bring morality back into society.

Until then, I remain, Dann – just as I am.


A Month Without You

I am missing her, mi fuego, mi Amor de mi Corazon.

She has gone on a retreat. A much needed “her” time. A time to meditate and heal.

I miss her this moment.

And the moments before.

Tomorrow I’ll miss her far, far more.

This petite Spanish Lioness that I adore.

I am proud she bravely took this time.

She shall return anew and re-aligned.

With the well earned peace of tensions released.

Yet, I miss her. I miss her deep.

It is in my heart her love I keep.

She knows I am always by her side.

The severity of my love I could never hide.

I will sleep tonight and dream she is by my side.

I love you Mi Fuego